Sunday – a Pumpkin Beer Pajama Party at Naked City

— by North Seattle Sarah, North Seattle Bureau Chief —

A sneak peek at Naked City’s Pumpkin Beer

All my friends tell me the same thing: at midnight, I turn into a pumpkin. Wherever I am, whatever I’m doing, I get tired and cranky and I’m ready to fall asleep. And that’s an exaggeration – my true “pumpkin hour” is more like 10:30pm, as ashamed as I am to admit it. But this Sunday night (September 4th), something else is going to turn into a pumpkin instead – the Naked City contender for Elysian’s Pumpkin Fest.

I know we don’t want to think about October just yet, but The Great Pumpkin Beer Festival is coming up October 8th and 9th – featuring over 25 breweries and their best pumpkin beers. And this year, I’m working on a beer, too.

My craft beer brings all the boys to the yard.

This Sunday, September 4th, in the quiet middle of the night, Naked City will be brewing their special pumpkin contender for the festival. Or more specifically, the women of Naked City will be brewing it. They’re having a good ol’ fashioned slumber party, girls only, and every woman is invited. In fact, there’s only two qualifications to show up and be a part of this event – 1. Be a girl. 2. Enjoy beer. Hey wait –that’s me! Only one man gets to be present for this sleepover – Don Webb, head brewer of Naked City. And no, he hasn’t complained yet about having to spend the night with a large handful of giggly girls in their pj’s.

The idea came about one evening over a talk on Cinderella. Here’s the abridged version of the story of Cinderella: This chick works really really hard and slaves away all day, and all she wants to do is go to the party with everyone else. Her crazy godmother appears and gives her a fancy dress and sends her to the party, where she meets the prince, but she has to leave by midnight or else everything turns crappy again (I’m a good storyteller, right?). In fact, even her fancy stagecoach turns into a pumpkin at midnight. So, we’re reinventing Cinderella. The girls are fighting back – we’re turning our beer into a pumpkin instead.

I don’t want to reveal too much about the beer itself just yet, but I can say that it will be a pumpkin saison, and that we’re using more than just the pumpkin guts to make it.

Any ladies that would like to participate can show up at Naked City Sunday night before midnight, and bring a sleeping bag. And don’t worry boys, I’ll take pictures.

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