superfuzz blood orange pale ale by elysian brewing

Superfuzz Returns! Can You Dig It?

Alright, all you cool cats and kittens, get ready to dig on some badass brew from Elysian Brewing. Unless you’re a total jive turkey, you wrapped your lips around some Superfuzz last year. I don’t think the brewery comprehended how much y’all would dig this Blood Orange Pale Ale, but all sorts of different beer drinkers tuned in to this tasty brew and everyone agreed that it was far out. As the summer came to a close, Superfuzz tipped his shades and promised to catch us on the flip side. Now, Superfuzz is coming back. Dig.

The brewery just announced the release of Superfuzz 2014. Beginning on April 1, the beer will be available on draft, in 12-ouncne six-packs, and 22-ounce bottles. And for those of you planning to attend the Washington Cask Beer Festival, Elysian will be pouring it at that event on Saturday, March 22nd.

superfuzz by elysian brewing

Here’s what Dick Cantwell, head brewer and co-owner at Elysian, has to say about this year’s release of Superfuzz:

The moon is in the Seventh House, again, and Superfuzz is making a comeback. This time it’s cool–even the Man digs the Fuzz–and the whole town’s up on its feet, ready for the juicy splash of blood orange and Northwest hops. Majorly delicious draft, 12-ounce six-packs and 22 oz bottles will boogie into stores, taverns and restaurants beginning April 1.

Superfuzz set things right last year, and just when we needed him most. Amid a mainstream spring and summer lineup of Wheats and Whatnots, the Fuzz lit it up. California blood orange is the Main squeeze, but groovy Northwest Citra and Amarillo hops refresh to the max, keepin’ the whole thing keepin’ on. Not sweet at all, even a little bracing, with alcohol a sunshiny 5.3% by volume. Look for Superfuzz Blood Orange Pale Ale anyplace that’s copacetic.



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