Sweet and Stout: cupcakes made with beer!

Some time ago I came across a beer blog that caught my eye: Sweet and Stout. It was a blog focusing on cupcakes and beer. At first I chuckled. Then I thought about it for a second. “What a great idea for a blog,” I thought to myself. Then I read on and thought, “Not just beer with cupcakes, but cupcakes made with good, craft beer. Okay, now you’ve got my attention.”

Since then, the nice people at Sweet and Stout have evolved. Beyond simply writing about cupcakes and beer they are actually working on opening a business making beer cupcakes. You have an opportunity to help them bring the dream of beer cupcakes to life.

Jackie Mustard, one of the bright minds behind Sweet and Stout, recently told me, “The more people we tell, the better the chances of our campaign being successful. We’re also looking to get a brewery to possibly sponsor us, we’ve got some great incentives and rewards on our kickstarter page. We are really excited to take our beer cupcakes to the public and would love to be involved in the craft beer community.”

This brings up something else that I think is really cool: kickstarter.com. If you have a great idea you can launch a financing campaign using kickstarter.com. Basically, you pitch your idea on the website and people decide if they want to contribute. You provide some kind of incentive or reward to the people who contribute. It’s a new kind of micro-financing that is helping people bring their ideas to market. It’s cool.

On the Sweet and Stout kickstarter page, Jackie says, “We use local and regional craft beer in our recipes and combine them with high quality ingredients to create moist, flavorful and unique cupcakes.”

“You might be saying to yourself, What an odd combination! Why would anyone do that? For now, you’ll have to trust me when I say that beer cupcakes are spectacular. Imagine, a dark delicious stout paired with salted chocolate and caramel. Perhaps a lighter beer is your thing, like a deliciously crisp IPA with a spicy chipotle apple pecan cupcake. At Sweet and Stout, seemingly opposites come together to make magic happen. Magic, right in your mouth.”

To read the complete story, visit the Sweet and Stout kickstarter page. Consider contributing. After all, the only thing better than cupcakes and beer is cupcakes with beer.


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