Tacoma Brewing Company Already Looking to Expand

Although the name sounds like it could be 150 years old, Tacoma Brewing Company is one of the newest breweries in Washington. It began pouring beer about one month ago. I just learned that Tacoma Brewing Company (at the Amocat Café) is the latest local brewery to jump on the Kickstarter train. I thought it only fair to mention them here since I’ve done two posts recently about other breweries pursuing the same path to microfinancial bliss. One big distinction from the other would-be breweries I’ve mentioned, Tacoma Brewing Company is already producing and selling beer.

Located in downtown Tacoma’s up-and-coming Triangle Business District, Amocat Café is a popular downtown coffee shop that also serves baked goods, sandwiches and beer. Until recently, other breweries’ beers. Morgan Alexander, the owner of Amocat Café and an avid homebrewer, decided to take things a step further. Tacoma Brewing Company, which operates at Amocat Café, recently received its final licensing approval, began brewing immediately, and tapped its first kegs in November. According to the company’s Facebook page, the Amocat Café features as many as five or six Tacoma Brewing Company beers on tap at a time.

Morgan Alexander says, “Tacoma is thirsty and I want to help.” Local bar owners who have sampled his beers are already clamoring for kegs. Problem is, in reality, the Amocat Café is not ideally suited for brewing. Tacoma Brewing Company needs to move offsite to realize anticipated growth and meet the already increasing demand for its beer. Morgan has turned to Kickstarter to help make this happen.

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Find the beer at:

Amocat Café
625 Saint Helens Ave
Tacoma, WA 98402
(253) 242-3370


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