Tacoma Craft Beer Fest Moves to Cheney Stadium

Woo Hoo! Just got some big news from the folks who organize the Tacoma Craft Beer Festival. I don’t want to steal their thunder, so I’ll let them tell you in their own words.

Finally, A parking Lot! And no port-o-potties!

With attendance building each year, once again we have outgrown our venue space. This year we’re moving the 5Th Annual Tacoma Craft Beer Festival to Cheney Stadium. We’ll be hosting 70+ Craft Breweries, and anticipate 6000-7000 attendees, making this the largest single day beer festival in Washington State.

The Tacoma Craft Beer Festival will be held Saturday September 7th, Noon to 9PM at Cheney Stadium here in Tacoma. This event is being held to bring together those that are passionate about craft beer, and to further build community while promoting this amazing beverage in the South Sound. Please hop on board for our 5th year!

Saturday September 7th, Noon to 9PM

OVER 70 Craft Breweries

At Cheney Stadium


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