Take the Brew Bus to the WA Brewers Fest this year

One of the biggest problems with the Washington Brewers Festival is getting there and back safely. Actually, that’s pretty much the only problem, minor though it may be. St. Edward State Park is a fantastic location, but it’s not exactly within walking distance for most of us. If it’s true that there is a place in heaven reserved for designated drivers, then there’s a very special place reserved for the Elliott Bay Brewing Company as they will handle the driving duty for 47 people.

For several years now, Elliott Bay has sponsored the “beer bus” to get you to and from the Brewers Festival. They’re doing it again this year. On Saturday morning, the bus departs the West Seattle pub at 11:00. The bus leaves the festival grounds at 5:00.  I have done the festival this way in the past. More than once. It’s awesome. Details are below.

We don’t know of any other Seattle-area pubs offering such service, but we wouldn’t be surprised to learn that we don’t know everything. Do you know of any other pubs offering something like this? What are your plans to get safely to and from the festival this year?

Here are the details from Elliott Bay Brewing:

Elliott Bay Brewing Co. is chartering a bus to shuttle our patrons to the Father’s Day Washington Brewers Festival on Saturday, June 19. The bus leaves our West Seattle pub at 11:00 sharp and departs St. Edward State Park at 5:00.

Tickets are $45.00, which includes the bus fare and a ticket to the festival. Seating is limited to 47 people and payment is due at the time of making the reservation with one of our West Seattle bartenders or servers.

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  1. Good to know! I don’t think I’ll make it this year but I will certainly do the bus next year. Thank you to Elliott Bay for putting this together!

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