TangleTown Public House taking over Elysian’s Tangletown brewpub


Changes are afoot at Elysian Brewing’s TangleTown brewpub in Seattle. As of now, the brewpub is closed, but there are plans to reopen in late April with a different format and a different owner. Simultaneously, the plans do and do not involve Elysian Brewing. Allow me to explain.

The neighborhood brewpub, located in that neighborhood between Wallingford and Green Lake, where the roads seem to ramble in all directions, opened more than 15 years ago. Recently, the lease was up for renewal, at which time the folks at Elysian Brewing and Anheuser-Busch decided not to pursue another lease. The company is currently involved in a big renovation at the original Elysian brewpub in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and perhaps didn’t have interest in embarking on another facelift at the Tangletown pub, which has stood essentially unchanged over the years. Whatever the case, the company decided to let Tangletown go.

Enter David Buhler, one of the original owners/founders of Elysian Brewing, to save the day. After some key changes and modifications, he will reopen the business as TangleTown Public House, operating the new business independent of Elysian Brewing and Anheuser-Busch. The new pub will offer a wide selection of beers from a number of different breweries.

TangleTown is currently closed and Buhler hopes to reopen at the end of April with a focus on a thoughtful selection of draft and canned beers from some of his favorite breweries. In a phone call, Buhler mentioned the likes of Aslan Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, Fremont Brewing, pFriem Family Brewers, and Chuckanut Brewery. “The stuff I drink at home,” he said.

One thing that will not change is the name on the lease. “I’m a signer on the original lease from 16 years ago,” says Buhler, who along with managing the restaurant over a decade ago helped shepherd Elysian Brewing into its current role as one of the largest beer brands in the country. “So, being the sole owner now and signing a new lease with the property owner is weirdly contiguous.”

Buhler says that taking over and reimagining TangleTown will not impact his position with Elysian. “I will continue to provide strategy advice to Elysian along with my role at Elysian as a national brand ambassador”.

TangleTown will now have 20 rotating draft beers and ciders on tap and Buhler hopes to make use of his many relationships in the craft beer and beverage industry, many of which span decades.

“I decided to keep the name TangleTown,” says Buhler. “When we opened this spot in 2003 the name Tangletown had fallen out of use; it is now the descriptor for this whole neighborhood. It seems appropriate that this legacy should continue. TangleTown will continue to serve high-quality food, beer, wine, cider and spirits. It will continue to serve the vast array of families that live in the area and it will add an intimate acoustic music space as well.”

In addition to everything else, Buhler is a musician with a few albums to his credit and part of the plan is to create a place where people can enjoy live music.

TangleTown Public House will be open on weekdays starting at 3:00, but not for lunch. On weekends they will open earlier to accommodate the brunch crowd. He imagines the new pub as a place where families are welcome, but as the evening hours approach the vibe changes into more of an adult-focused environment.

“I’m super excited to be part of the fabric of this community again,” says Buhler. “I can’t wait to greet you all and share a story with you.”


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  1. Super stoked! Live music, even better. I hope Buhler also has some good food ideas; the menu has been pretty tired for the past 10 years. But good beer and music is a big, big addition to the neighborhood. We plan to be there and bring our friends.

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