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Terminal Gravity Brewing returns to Western Washington


Located in the shadows of the Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon, Terminal Gravity Brewing was founded in 1997. Terminal Gravity’s beers have not been available in Western Washington for a couple years. In fact, they became increasingly rare in the years leading up to that. Now, by virtue of a new distribution agreement, TG beers will soon find their way back to retail outlets and bars up and down Washington’s I-5 corridor.

Back in 1997, IPA was a very new thing for most American beer drinkers. Even here in the Pacific Northwest is was something of a novelty. Terminal Gravity IPA set the standard back in those days: the beer upon which the brewery’s reputation was built. Over the issuing decades, the brewery expanded its offerings and its reputation grew beyond the confines of Enterprise, Oregon and beyond the confines of IPA.

Natalie Millar, General Manager/CFO of Terminal Gravity, told Brewbound, “We’ve been out of Puget Sound area for a couple of years and have consistently received messages on social media from fans in northwest Washington looking for our beer. We’re just happy to be able to put TG beer back in the hands of those customers again.”

Retailers: Here in Western Washington, Terminal Gravity is now working with Browar Polska Distributing and its sister company Kendall’s Pioneer Distributing.