Thanks for the turkey, but we gotta go

Washington Beer Cruiser outside of Old Yale Brewery in Chillawack, BC.
Washington Beer Cruiser outside of the Old Yale Brewery in Chillawack, BC.

It feels like I’ve got bugs in my hair. There’s a strange itch in my toe. When I get this feeling, there’s only one thing to do. ROADTRIP!

This Thanksgiving weekend we’re hitting the road. As soon as we snap out of the Turkey coma on Friday morning, we’ll be packing up the Washington Beer Cruiser and heading south. By the time the sun goes down we’ll be in another town, looking for a stranger to buy the next round.

Our plans are to hit as many of the breweries of Southwest Washington as possible. Walking Man, Everybody’s Brewing, Salmon Creek, Laurelwood (the new one in Battle Ground, WA), and whatever else we can fit into the weekend. We’ll see what we can find along the way (Dick’s) and we may even get adventurous and hop across the river into Oregon. We’ll just have to see how brave we feel.

When we return, we will be writing about our adventures, as we are wont to do. We will also be tweeting along the way. If you don’t already, you can follow us on twitter –

Got any suggestions? Leave a comment.

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  1. Froom Everybody’s Brewing you might as well cross the bridge to Hood River and stop in at Double Mountain Brewing for some tasty beers and some pretty good pizza.

  2. We are doing the same trip, leaving on Friday. Good times! Looking forward to Walking Man (again), Everybody’s Brewing, Double Mountain and the new Laurelwood in Battle Ground. Is Thanksgiving over yet?! Cheers.

  3. if you make it all the way to Double Mountain on Friday ask for Kyle. I’m one of the brewers and would happily show you around the brewery, which takes but a few minutes.


    P.S. get the XXX burger at everybody’s, its the best!

  4. Sweet, thanks Kyle. We are staying in Hood River, I think we’ll probably get there by late afternoon/early evening depending on how many stops we make along the way. Thanks for saying hello, and we hope to meet you when we stop by DM.