The beer list for the 9th Annual Belgianfest – Saturday, January 27


The 9th Annual Belgianfest features over 100 Washington-brewed, Belgian-style beers. Below we share the list of beers, including a PDF version. The event takes place at Seattle Center on Saturday, January 27th. Two sessions, one in the afternoon and the other in the evening. Tickets available online.

For complete details about the event, visit the official Belgianfest website.

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2018 Belgianfest Beer List

Anacortes Brewery-Anacortes
1) Dubbel Vision (7.8% ABV/25 IBU)
Our traditional Belgian-style Dubbel is malt forward and brewed with European Black Prinz
malt, brown sugar and honey. Starting with aroma and flavor notes of ripe banana, this dark beer
then finishes with a pleasant spicy sweetness and just a touch of alcohol warmth that hints at its
7.8% ABV.
2) Trippel Vision (9.99% ABV/6 IBU)
Our Belgian Trippel adheres to traditional guidelines with its pale straw color from mostly
pilsner malt and its high alcohol content. The aromas and flavors of peach nectar blend with
characteristic Belgian yeast spiciness to make your lips sing!
3) Peppercorn Saison (4.6% ABV/15 IBU)
While the most quaffable of our Belgian beers at 4.6% ABV, this guy still packs a punch. We
add four different types of peppercorns (black, green, pink and white) to give our traditional
Saison a savory flavor that compliments its dry finish.
4) Bravetart” (7% ABV/ 35 IBU)
Our intrepid Broadsword Scottish ale aged in a bourbon barrel for a year and a day emerges with
flavors of tart raspberries, crab apple, even cabernet sauvignon and aromas of over ripe fruit,
subtle aged cheese and some barnyard funk. They may take our lagers, they may take our ales,
but they’ll never take our Bravetart!

Aslan Brewing-Bellingham
1) The Butler – Dark Saison (6.4% ABV/28 IBU)
The Butler is an easy drinking Saison. Notes of fruit jam and cloves mingle with biscuit and
roast. This beer finds balance between a traditional saison and a smooth dark ale; while complex
and ever changing in flavor, it maintains its approachability.
2) Frances Farmer Brett Saison (6.3% ABV/24 IBU)
A rustic farmhouse ale aged four months in a french oak foeder with four varieties of
Brettanomyces yeast. Brewed with raw wheat, pilsner, and vienna malts along with hops from
the Alsace region of France. This delicate saison carries elegant notes of ripe peaches and aromas
of sweet hay, leaving a complex and rewarding aftertaste.

Bale Breaker Brewing –Yakima
1) Joindre Main Barrel-Aged Dubbel (7.8% ABV/28 IBU)
Traditional Belgian dubbel aged in Cultura Winery Cabernet Franc barrels for 6 months. Flavors
of toffee, raisin, and dates pair with oak and red wine to create an approachable barrel-aged beer
with refreshingly dry finish.
2) Nouvelle Abbaye Tripel IPA (8.7% ABV/40 IBU)
Lightly toasted French and Belgian malts create the base of this refreshingly hoppy Belgian
Tripel. Modestly bittered but generously dry-hopped, aromas of pineapple, eucalyptus, and
almond dominate while it finishes smooth and crisp.
3) Vieille 4 Dark Strong Ale: (9.3% ABV/30 IBU)
Hints of caramel, toffee, and nutmeg create a brilliantly smooth Belgian Quad. A soft bitterness
and dry finish balance this fireside sipper.

Beardslee Public House-Bothell
1) Magnolia Saison (6.75% ABV/16 IBU)
A Farmhouse Style Ale that is spicy and fruity. It is spicy from the Belgian ale yeast, and fruit
forward from the addition of blood orange puree. Just 4 ounces of puree per keg lends a subtle
stone fruit flavor.
2) Widow Maker Wit (6% ABV/28 IBU)
Flavored with orange peel & coriander. This wheat ale is a 400-year-old beer style that died out
in the 1950’s; it was later revived by Pierre Celis at Hoegaarden, and has grown steadily in
popularity over time. Wit means “white”, a name that describes the beer’s pale color and cloudy
appearance. “widow maker” is a logging term meaning a loose limb that may fall on a logger
resulting in death.
3) Dubbel Cut Saw Belgian Abby Ale (7.2% ABV/20 IBU)
This Belgian Dubbel is extremely complex rich and malty. The use of Belgian yeast from
Westmalle Abby produces aromas of savory spices and dried fruit. This is a blend of 2 oak casks,
one 2 years old 1 from last year. The name is a play on words. A double cut saw cuts with both a
pulling and pushing motion.

Big Time Brewery-Seattle
1) Brewers Choice TBA

Black Raven Brewing-Redmond
1) Pour Les Oiseaux – White Wine Barrel Aged Saison (6.8% ABV)
Pour Les Oiseaux is a blend of complex earthy, fruity and light tannic flavors with a crisp and
refreshing finish. This ale is aged in French oak white wine barrels with the addition of
2) La Mort Rouge – Red Wine Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale (9.3% ABV)
La Mort Rouge is born from a marriage between La Petite Mort, our dark Belgian style strong
ale, and red wine barrels from local vintners.
3) La Mort Bourbon – Bourbon Barrel Aged Belgian Strong Ale (11.3% ABV)
In La Mort Bourbon, we use multiple specialty malts to create a rich, complex beer and then
follow with maturation in American oak bourbon barrels.
4) 5×6 Sour Ale-American Style Sour with Cherries (7.4% ABV)
This is a small and limited release that we brought out for special events in 2017. Aged for years
and is a blend of five different barrels with numeral six in each barrel identification number.

Boundary Bay Brewery-Bellingham
1) Ekstatic Nostratik (7% ABV)
“Mirror-surfaced tumbling rivers of melted meaning flow gurgling around you” – This brew
started with a house “Boundaryless” mixed culture open fermentation. Additions of locally
harvested rhubarb, raspberries from Curt Maberry Farm & strawberries from Barbie’s Berries
teach the true language of lost poetry in this funky endogenous fermentation. Aged two years in
2) Wonderland Belgian Strong Golden (9.4% ABV/25 IBU)
Wonderland’s namesake is a fabled trail on Galbraith Mountain that was destroyed and reborn
anew. Accessible to most riders, it also boasts a popular big drop for the more experienced rider.
True to the trail and style, Wonderland BSG is an approachable, powerful and intricate golden
ale. Hidden behind the billowy lingering head, artfully balanced Body, and complex yeast
character awaits a wondrous and deceptively strong treasure.

Cairn Brewing-Kenmore
1) Midnight Hike (10% ABV/30 IBU)
Inspired by a trek in Yosemite under a full moon, this Belgian Dark Strong is inky black and
strong as the granite that defines the National Park! The Trappist style dark strong presents dark
cherries and raisin notes in the nose with rich and spicy ester notes on the tongue with a subtle
rose taste. Enjoy your own Midnight Hike!
2) Winter Sunshine Saison (6.5% ABV/25 IBU)
PNW winters make us dream of our lovely summers–and our Sunshine Saison will take you
there, with a wintry twist! We infused our fan-fav Sunshine Saison with sour cherry for a tartness
that perfectly matches the floral aroma and classic farmhouse taste on the back end. This clean,
crisp and refreshing beer is the perfect way to bring sunshine to any day.

Crucible Brewing-Everett
1) Damascus Belgian Dubbel (7.8% ABV/20 IBU)
2) Figgy Stardust (8.1% ABV/20 IBU)
A Belgian Brown collaboration done with Lazy Boy and Middleton Brewing out of Everett. We
added figs and winter spices
3) Belgian golden strong (8.9% ABV/17 IBU)

Diamond Knot Craft Brewing-Mukilteo
1) Gin Barrel Aged INDUSTRIAL Saison (7.8% ABV)
An “Imperial” Saison aged in Copperworks Northwest Gin barrels Yeast: French Saison.
2) Captain Henry’s Tripel (9.5% ABV)
Brewed with cranberries, cinnamon, and allspice. Yeast: Monastic.
3) “Rum-spice” Dubbel (7.7% ABV)
Brewed with “Rum” spices, raisins, and dried plums. Yeast: Monastic.

Dirty Bucket Brewing –Kenmore
1) Dirty Confessions Belgian Quadruple (10% ABV)
Our 4 year Anniversary Ale brewed to celebrate a 4 year milestone. Made with the finest
imported grains and Belgian candy.
2) Blootered Scotch Ale (8% ABV)
A traditional Scottish treat that is sure to make the Belgians jealous.

Elliott Bay Brewing –Burien
1) Tripel in Still Water (8% ABV)
Strong blonde ale with lots of supple curves.
2) Ambrosia Kriek (5.3% ABV)
Sour red ale aged in red wine barrels for 5 months on red raspberry and Montmorency cherry
3) Sambrinus 20th Anniversary Blonde (6.6% ABV)
Brewed to celebrate two decades of brewing in West Seattle. Juicy fruity goodness with a
warming finish.

Elysian Brewing-Seattle
1) Just A Cloud (4.56% ABV/14.5 IBU)
Drift away from the dark and dreary Seattle clouds, and into Just a Cloud Belgian Wit. The grain
bill consists of Pils, Pale, Acidulated and Wheat malts, with a big helping of Unmalted Wheat
and Rolled Oats. Full of body, and bright and pillowy in appearance. Bittered with Magnum and
featuring the spiciness and fruitiness of Saaz hops, Orange Peel and Indian Coriander.
2) Bête Blanche (7.4% ABV/36 IBU)
A twist on the French expression “Bête Noire”. Bête Blanche is extremely drinkable, blonde and
somewhat treacherous. Brewed entirely from Pale malt and augmented in the boil with clear
Belgian candy sugar. Bittered with German Northern Brewer and finished with Styrian Goldings
hops. Fermented with Belgian ale yeast.
3) Red Candle (5.8% ABV)
Red Candle, inspired by the holiday season, is a saison brewed with cranberries and sage. Dry
and tart, with an earthy and spicy nose, Red Candle is bottle conditioned to be extra spirited.

Farmstrong Brewing-Mount Vernon
1) NW Farmhouse Ale (5% ABV/ 32IBU)
A rustic beer with grainy malt flavors of 100% Skagit Valley grains, just a faint pinch of honeylike
sweetness, and lots of spicy yeast esters, including clove and pepper. The Sorachi Ace hops
lend a lemony, citrus flavor to our NW interpretation of this true old-world classic.
2) NW Wild Farmhouse Ale (5.1% ABV/32 IBU)
Our NW Farmhouse Ale aged in a Betz Family Winery barrel
3) Goldenrod-Belgian Golden Ale (8.9% ABV)
Notes of citrus and spice billow forth from the glass accompanied by a subtle note of alcohol.
The supple malt character balances the delicate flavors of pears, oranges, and hints of fresh
pepper. A highly quaffable beverage, it is a must to relish in the complex aromas and flavors.
But tread lightly, as you enjoy this classic beer, it does punch a wallop.
4) Goldenshine- Barrel-aged Belgian Golden Ale (9.0% ABV)
Our “Goldenrod” made with 100% Skagit Valley Grain aged in a Valley Shine Bourbon Barrel.

Figurehead Brewing –Seattle
1) Patersbier (4.9% ABV)
The monk’s lawn mower beer! Simple but flavorful Belgian abbey style beer brewed for easy
drinking and sessionablility. Trappist monks brew this style for their own daily consumption
2) Midwatch Dark Strong (9.8% ABV)
Complex notes of dark fruit, fig, and raisin complement fruity and spicy character from the yeast,
finishing dry and warming from the alcohol.
3) 1710 Saison w/ Lavender and Rosemary (6% ABV)
Originating from an old homebrew recipe, this beer incorporates locally foraged rosemary and
lavender as a modern take on a traditional farmhouse saison. (6% ABV)
4) Belgian IPA (5.6% ABV)
This love child between a Belgian Ale and an American IPA inherited some of the best traits
from each of them. Spicy and fruity yeast character blends with citrus and tropical fruit notes
from Ekuanot and Columbus hops.

Flying Lion Brewing-Seattle
1) Belgian Quaddamnit (12.4% ABV)
The Quaddamnit is strong and complex. The malt-heavy body is lifted straight to the nose with
intense notes of clove, banana, and dried fruit. In other words,
2) Belgian Strong (9.0% ABV)
The Belgian Strong has a slightly hazy appearance and is light in color. The StrongÂ’s flavor is
a complex blend of the fruity esters provided by the yeast with subtle additions of Coriander,
Ginger, and Grains of Paradise. The high ABV is perfectly masked in this extraordinarily
smooth beer!
3) Belgian Stout (7.0% ABV)
Heavily roasted with flavors of dried fruit and licorice, this dark and complex Belgian-style Stout
pairs well with long winter nights! The carefully chosen grain bill plays out well with a Belgian
yeast strain normally reserved for Pales and Wits.

Fremont Brewing-Seattle
1) Good Bugs
A collaboration with the fine folks at Brewed Food, this sour kettle beer is fermented with
Brettanomyces and dry-hopped with Azaca and Citra hops.
2) Foeder Saison
This Foeder Saison was aged in our new American oak foeders with two strains of
Brettanomyces and Lactobacillus for 12 months.
3) Quad
Our Belgian-Style Quad has flavors of caramel and sweet malt, balanced by a mild hop
4) Biere de Garde
Our Biere de Garde was aged in French oak wine barrels for 7 months with Brettanomyces.

Hellbent Brewing –Seattle
1) Mossback Monk Belgian Tripel (10.5% ABV/28 IBU)
Mossback Monk is a traditional brewed Belgian Tripel. Dominated by pale malt, this golden beer
can be quite deceiving: it is smooth and slightly sweet, with an effervescent finish, yet boasts
almost 11% ABV. It has a variety of flavors from the unique Belgian yeast used to ferment it,
ranging from ripe stone fruits (ex: plum, apricot) to bubble gum, to cotton candy, to a slight
pepper finish
2) Sparrowhawk Belgian-Style Blond Ale (6.7% ABV/20 IBU)
Hellbent’s newest Belgian-style ale is named after the small raptors that inhabit that part of
Europe. This mild, malt-forward blond beer is brewed with pale malt, malted white wheat, and
Belgian carapils malt and is fermented with Belgian yeast, which imbues it with stone fruit and
slightly spicy flavors. It’s accented with lemon peel, grains of paradise, elderberry, elderflower,
chamomile, and jasmine flower.

Illuminati Brewing –Bellingham
1) Spinal Tap Belgian Tripel (11% ABV)
2) Rickshank Redemption Ale (5.6% ABV)
Belgian Pale Ale seasoned with toasted Szechuan peppercorns.

Iron Goat Brewing-Spokane
1) Brett d’Or du Claret (7% ABV/15 IBU)
This mixed fermentation beer is a blend of four year and two-year-old golden ales fermented in
Barrister Winery Merlot and Cab Franc barrels with Barrister crusted wine grapes. Brett d’Or
pours a light rose color and offers complex fruity aromas and a crisp, sour finish.
2) Barrel Aged Dark Sour with Hidden Acres Cherries (7.1% ABV/2 IBU)
A dark beer aged in Townsend red wine barrels with loads of chocolate aroma from the malts.
The mixed culture fermentation creates a nice tartness rounded out with juiciness from the
hidden acres cherries.

Lake Stevens Brewing –Lake Stevens
1) Hard Monk Life Abbey dark strong (7.7% ABV/25 IBU)
Pays monastic homage with a northwest flair. Brewed with an extra dark Belgian Candi and
macerated Juniper berries.
2) Blue Monk Blueberry Belgian Belgian Blonde (7% ABV/18 IBU)
This classic belgian was brewed with 120lbs of blueberry puree

Lantern Brewing-Seattle
1) Sombre
Dark and complex Abbey style Quadrupel weight ale, it will encourage you to contemplate the
goodness of it all.
2) Cavalcade
Tripel aged in apple brandy barrels, spicy, sweet, and rich flavor with a spirituous aroma.
3) Grumpy Gnome
Sour Belgian style wheat ale with beet and other natural fruit flavors.
4) Cask Montfort
Our Belgian export style stout blended with tart cherries, conditioned cask-style for a soft, sweet,
full taste.
5) Fresh Hop Saison
Country wheat ale brewed last fall with whole, freshly plucked Chehalis Valley Cascade hops.

Matchless Brewing-Tumwater
1) Single Barrel Peach Sour (7.2% ABV)
A sneak taste of our barrel aged, white wine yeast fermented, sour blond beer aged on 100lb of
whole peaches. No kettle sour!
2) Single Barrel Blueberry Sour (8.6% ABV)
A sneak taste of our barrel aged, 100% Munich malt sour ale on 100lb of whole blueberries. No
kettle sour!
3) Wolf Moon Dry Hopped Saison (5.6% ABV)
Oak Tank aged, Brett and Sac Saison dry hopped with Aramis and Styrian Goldings. Not a sour
4) Shared Table Saison (5.8% ABV)
Traditional Saison made with no oak, no Brett, not sour. The way Saison tastes from Belgium!
5) Hoppy Belgian Single (5.1% ABV)
Collab with Well 80 Brewhouse. Hoppy blond beer fermented with a traditional monastic yeas
strain and dry hopped with New Zealand hops. Not a Saison.

McMenamins Breweries-Seattle
1) Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Belgian Golden Ale (6% ABV/20 IBU)
This beer is a testament to our commitment to making the best beer for McMenamins Anderson
School. This is not only our first Belgian-style beer, but brewed traditionally on a system that’s
not built for tradition. A multi-step mash brings out heavy banana aromas and flavors, overlaying
the classic Belgian clove and spice nose. A simple body of Pilsner and Wheat balances the light
hop bite from Tettnanger Hops to make this beer easily quaffable but undeniably complex. This
is a beer for all those ready for the cold days to be over. We put in work.
2) Ennui Belgian Pale Ale (6.19% ABV/43 IBU)
Ennui n. [än’we] a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction arising from a lack of occupation or
excitement. Brewing can be slow moving sometimes. So we make sure to make our beers as
interesting as possible. A light and citrusy Belgo-American Pale in the middle of winter,
featuring a hearty dose of Sterling and Citra Hops. More importantly, it comes with a difficult
name! Welcome to the Ennui.

Odin Brewing –Tukwila
1) Grand Cru Belgian Dark Strong (9.2% ABV/20 IBU)
A deep, red-brown colored strong ale fermented with a combination of Belgian and French yeast
strains. Brewed with generous amounts of Belgian biscuit style malts which impart flavors of
rich-dried fruit, tart cherry, and toasted nuts. The Belgian and French yeasts add complex fruity
esters to the aroma as well as subtle phenolic pepper flavors. In true style, this Grand Cru is
made from the best, for the best!
2) Sun Dragon Golden Belgian (6% ABV/20 IBU)
This Sun Dragon Golden Ale screams Belgian. It’s light, crisp, and creamy body complement its
big flavor profile. Its banana sweetness is balanced with a hefty amount of pepper and spicy
phenolics from the large amount of Belgian yeasts. Big, balanced, and banana-y! Alliteration
aside, it’s the best Belgian

1) BierBier Belgian Dubbel
Caramelized sugar, dried plums, cloves. A cozy beer that’s a tad sweet with dried dark fruit
flavors, like drinking a beer Old Fashioned. A Belgian-style beer that is double the fun.
2) Try Belgian Tripel
Nectar, champagne, clove. If a beer & champagne had a baby. This Belgian Tripel is a bit sweet
and strong. Perfect for celebrations, and deceptively easy to drink.
3) Forward Belgian Quad
Candi sugar, holiday spice, strong. Our boldest Belgian with a rich, malty flavor. Great for
sipping, and contemplating tomorrow’s next move.

Paradise Creek Brewery-Pullman

1) Palouse Wit Belgian Style Wit (5.7% ABV)
Awesome notes of clove and coriander dominate the aroma of this easy drinking nearly white
colored beer. Nice lingering spice character begs for another sip.
2) Daily Dubbel (7.8% ABV)
Golden brown in color this worthy Belgian Style Dubbel bathes the senses with brown sugar,
banana and caramel. A medium-low body beer that finishes long and rich.
3) Barrel 37 Aged Daily Dubbel (8.3% ABV)
We rested our Daily Dubbel for two full years in freshly dumped French Oak wine barrels and
this particular barrel really impressed us. Nicely developed Brett, oak and slight lacto
characteristics along with a smooth mouthfeel and virtually no tannic overtones make this a
worthy single barrel beer.

Postdoc Brewing-Redmond
1) Evans Kriek (6.6% ABV/15 IBU)
Flanders Red ale aged in oak for over a year and conditioned atop copious amounts of tart
2) Winey Hippie (7.3% ABV/24 IBU)
Saison brewed with Hibiscus, Rose Hips, and Grains of Paradise, then aged to perfection in a
variety of local white wine barrels.
3) Apricot Funk Harvest (5.6% ABV/ 24 IBU)
A golden ale 100% fermented in oak barrels with our house Brettanomyces culture and
conditioned with apricots. The result is a bone dry, lightly acidic, and highly quaffable beer with
hints of bright stone fruit, kiwi, pineapple, and hay.
4) Pro Am Tripel (10.4% ABV/ 34 IBU)
This Belgian Tripel was developed by homebrewer Peter Bergler and selected as our annual ProAm
beer. It is a golden beer with complex spicy aromas reminiscent of pepper and clove,
accompanied by light fruity-esters of orange and lemon. Slight malt sweetness of honey
culminates into a dry warming finish.

Propolis Brewing-Port Townsend
1) Granum (7.0% ABV)
5 Grain Saison – Brettanomyces. Blended saison- part Pinot Noir barrel aged Saison Brett.
2) Litha (6.5% ABV)
Saison brewed with Lavender Sage and Chamomile.
3) Chaga (8% ABV)
Farmhouse-style Stout brewed with oats, Chaga Mushroom, black walnut and Cognac Vat

Redhook Brewery-Seattle
1) Pharaohs Dance (6% ABV)
Belgian Pale Ale
2) Corado (8% ABV)
Belgian golden strong

Rooftop Brewing –Seattle
1) Belgian Tripel (9.2% ABV)
A classic, if a bit boozy, Belgian Tripel. This beer has everything you want in a Tripel, aroma
and flavor runs along complex, spicy phenolic, Belgian yeast, fruity/estery with a sweet finish.
2) 2015 Belgian Quad (12.2% ABV)
This Quad was brewed for Belgian Fest 2016!! We cellared it to pour alongside its younger
brother, our 2018 Quad. See what age hath wrought on this delicious and boozy beverage.
3) 2018 Belgian Quad (12% ABV)
This beer proved to be so popular that we keep hearing about it nearly 3 years after it was
originally brewed! The majority of this beer will be aged in Bourbob Barrels and bottled for
release at the end of 2018. Try it now alongside its more aged predecessor – then come get a
bottle or 2 next fall after it has sat in barrels for nearly a full year!

Silver City Brewery-Bremerton
1) 2016 Charming Disarmer – Peach Sour 5.4% ABV (rotator)
2) 2017 Charming Disarmer – Peach Sour 5.4% ABV (rotator)
She’s wild. Under her enchantment you’d transcend all horizons, desperate for one more taste.
Aged for two years in a barrel that once housed chardonnay; peaches, wheat, and the vanilla
traits of the oak are brought together by brettanomyces, lending a subtle tartness.
3) 2017 Giant Made of Shadows Belgian Dark Strong Ale 9.9% ABV Behold, The Giant! This
strong, dark, malty Belgian-style ale is rich in dark fruit, caramel and coffee character. Run from
the shadows, not from the Giant.
4) 2017 Port Wine/2016 Bourbon Giant Made of Shadows Blend (10.5%) The Giant returns to
the shadows. 2016 Vintage aged in single use Kentucky Bourbon barrels, blended with the 2017
Vintage Aged in Port wine oak barrels. This marriage imparts deep notes of dark fruit and
caramel meld brilliantly with the sweet, jammy plum character.
5) 2017 Chardonnay Barrel Aged Luminous Libation Tripel (9% ABV)
Barrel aged version of trappist tripel. Light and refreshing, candied sugar and spicy Belgian yeast
character with a goodly dose of pomme fruit, hints of oak and white wine.
6) 2016 Le Fat Hybrid Sour Ale (9.9% ABV)
Our renowned Scotch Ale gains Belgian influence from a host of micro-organisms that sour the
once-sweet ale. Hints of fig, plum, and cherries occur naturally as a result. Over time the beer
softens and mellows while through extended aging in oak barrels once used for winemaking.
7) 2016 Foxy Lady Flanders Red (6.2% ABV) (rotator)
8) 2017 Foxy Lady Flanders Red (6.2% ABV) (rotator)
Smash the overdrive pedal and embrace the feedback. This little heartbreaker will make you
wanna get up and, uh, scream! A style originating in the West Flanders region of Belgium, this
red ale gains a raspberry-like tartness from fermentation on lactobacillus.
9) XOXO: Belgian-Style Black Ale (6.5% ABV)
Fermented in oak barrels that formerly conditioned Port wine, XOXO is a dry and delicate black
ale that marries the fruit and spice character of Belgian yeast with the floral and berry-like
elements of imported German Saphir hops.
Slaughter County Brewing –Port Orchard
1) Mon Petit Belgian Tripel (8% ABV)
2016 Washington Beer Awards Bronxe Medal Winner
2) Luna Negra Belgian White (5.8% ABV)
Belgian White with Blackberries and Spices.

Sound Brewery-Poulsbo
1) Monk’s Indiscretion (10% ABV/30 IBU)
Dry hopped, and fermented with an aromatic Belgian yeast strain, Monk’s Indiscretion has an
intense tropical hoppy aroma and flavor, with balanced bitterness, and is scarily drinkable for
such a strong beer.
2) Tripel Entendre Belgian-Style Tripel (9.9% ABV/30 IBU)
Complexity and balance from a simple recipe of the finest ingredients obtainable. Clear and light
in color, this strong Belgian ale drinks smooth and easy but has the complexity to complement
the finest meals or to savor alone at the end of the evening.
3) Dubbel Entendre Belgian-Style Dubbel (8.0% ABV)
Comforting aromas of chocolate malt and dark toffee, with a hint of banana and stone fruits. A
dark abbey style ale with a subtle rich maltiness and a dry, spicy finish.
4)Entendez Noel Belgian-Style Pale Quadrupal (11% ABV/50 IBU)
Like most big Belgian holiday beers, Noel is bursting with subtly complex flavors and fits no
particular beer style. Its explosion of sensations comes from just Belgian Pilsner malt, cane
sugar, Motueka hops, Trappist yeast, water, and fermentation.

Stoup Brewing-Seattle
1) Loral Saison (6.1% ABV/30 IBU)
Brewed with a Saison yeast and dry hopped with Loral Cryo Hops, this hoppier Saison style is
spicy and fruity with a dry finish.
2) Bordelleaux Saison,
A rustic, bretted saison aged for 12 months in Bordeaux wine wine barrels.
3) Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Strong Ale (10.4% ABV/24 IBU)
A complex, malty strong Belgian ale with notes of caramel, raisin and dried fruit. Warming
alcohol is balanced by malt sweetness and a hint of spice from the Abbey Ale yeast strain. Aged
in a combination of 4 and 8 year old Heaven Hill Bourbon barrels. The barrel aging adds notes
of wood, whiskey and vanilla.

Three Magnets Brewing –Olympia
1) Something Old, Something New, and Somthing Borrowed (7% ABV)
Our joint project with Seattle’s Fair Isle duo Geoffrey Barker and Andrew Pogue, this beer is a
blend of 20% 18 month wine barrel aged Apricot Helsing (Something Old), 80% fresh beer
produced with Pogue and Barker (something New) and fermented with Fair Isle’s house mixed
culture (something borrowed).
2) Calloused Heart Grisette (5.5% ABV)
Mix culture urban farmhouse featuring heavy handed use of Oats, Wheat, Rye, and Pilsner malts.
Dry hopped with French Aramis.

Triplehorn Brewing-Woodinville
1) Stupid Monk-E Belgian Tripel (9.3 ABV/30 IBU)
Sweet and spicy, with strong notes of clove and brewed with local honey. Subtle esters of
banana and orange peel finish off this amazingly drinkable beer.
2) Barrel Aged Mystic Belgian Dark Strong (9.7 ABV/26 IBU)
Aged in Jack Daniels barrels to add complex wood and booze characters to an already well
balanced Belgian strong ale.
3) Twee: Farmhouse Kettle Soured Saison (3.8% ABV/11 IBU)
An amazing farm house kettle sour saison that remains light, soft, and smooth. Fermented with
apricots to impart a wonderfully tart and fruity finish.
4) Shakti NW Style Farmhouse Saison (4.7 ABV/31 IBU). A light bodied and refreshing yet
relatively high IBU Northwest Saison highlighted by notes of honey, clove, and spice. This beer
is perfect for the upcoming springtime.

Wander Brewing-Bellingham
1) Plum Bob (7.4% ABV)
Belgian-inspired sour ale aged in an oak foeder on foraged Yakima Valley plums.
2) Strawberry Rhubarb Fruit Puncheon (8.2% ABV)
Foeder fermented spelt saison aged in puncheons on locally harvested strawberries and rhubarb.
3) The Willows Inn Smoked Farmhouse Ale (5.6% ABV)
Farmhouse ale with unmalted wheat from Loganita Farm on Lummi Island and barley malt
smoked with peat from the Olympic Peninsula.
4) Addo Kriek (7.3% ABV)
Mixed culture fermentation aged in a foeder for 9 months followed by 3 months on
Montmorency cherries.
5) Foeder THAWREE (9.5% ABV)
Dry Belgian dark ale aged for 12 months in a new clean American oak foeder followed by
subsequent aging on cocoa nibs.
6) Foeder PHOR (10.8% ABV)
Belgian dark strong ale aged for 12 months in a new clean American oak foeder followed by
subsequent aging on cherries for 2 months.

Yakima Craft Brewing –Yakima
1) Good Monk (5.5% ABV/30 IBU)
The Yin of our Monk Series this delicate Belgian Golden Ale is brewed with European hops and
grain, bolstered by Belgian Candi Syrup for extra gravity, with a Belgian Ale Yeast Blend taking
center stage of the flavor profile. With unobtrusive malts and spicy hops playing a supporting
role the aroma and flavor of banana, clove and honey are carried forward on carbonated wings.
2) Bad Monk (9% ABV/28 IBU)
The Yang of the Monk Series, this Belgian Strong Dark goes everywhere the Good Monk held
back. This ale is big on gravity and dark holiday dessert flavors. Amber Belgian Candi Sugar and
Extra Special Malt bring forward notes of graham cracker, molasses and candied fruit. Coupled
with additions of Cardamom and Grains of Paradise the Belgian Yeast strain explodes with
spices and rum soaked fruits.