The beers of Washington Beer Collaboration Festival – Saturday, August 19


Washington Beer Collaboration Festival takes place on Saturday, August 19th and feature beers from 50 different Washington breweries. The breweries are teamed into pairs to produce more than 25 unique collaboration beers. Some of the teams produced more than one beer.

Below we share the list of breweries, brewery pairings, and the collaborative brews they’ll produce. In addition to the collab beers, each brewery will pour other beers as well.

All of the breweries are from Washington but many of them are not commonly seen around the Seattle area: breweries like 54-40 Brewing from Washugal, Ashtown Brewing from Longview, Wadell’s Brewpub from Spokane, Stormy Mountain Brewing from Chelan, and others.

Along with that, local food trucks will keep you nourished.

The event takes place in downtown Seattle at the South Lake Union Discovery Center. It’s an outdoor event and takes place on the expansive lawn surrounding the Discovery Center.


For complete details, visit the official event website at

Anacortes Brewery/Bastion Brewing

Fidalgo Florabundance (6% ABV/ 40 IBU)

When the brewers of Anacortes on sunny Fidalgo Island got together to brew, they came up with a highly aromatic summery pale ale brewed with local Skagit Valley Pilsner malt, Mosaic Cryo Hops and Yarrow. Aromas of orange peel, wildflower honey and papaya are followed by an herbal yet well balanced brew with just a hint of bitterness.

Ashtown Brewing/Red Hook Brewery

Hua Tåke IPA (6.1% ABV)

Fruit in Hawaiian and haze in Norwegian…pronounced Hoo-a Tow-ka. This New England style IPA has a citrusy nose from the gobs of pineapple added at fermentation and at dry hop and a wonderful hop finish from the killer amount of El Dorado hops.

Aslan Brewing /Reuben’s Brews

Tales of Ordinary Madness IPA (7.1% ABV/60 IBU)

An IPA brewed in collaboration with Reuben’s Brews. Hopped heavily with Hallertau Blanc and Citra. This IPA displays an intense resemblance to pulpless orange juice. A large addition of oats were used to further accentuate mouthfeel and add to its juicy character. Expect a smooth, pungent, and expressive IPA.

At Large Brewing/Whitewall Brewing

Back Seat Gunman Hoppy Pilsner (5.7% ABV 37 IBU)

Skagit Valley Violetta pilsner malt with a touch of caravienne, and spelt. Saaz hops for bittering, then dry hopped with Huell Melon. Tons of berry and melon notes.

Backwoods Brewing /Loowit Brewing

Down River IRA (60 IBU/ 5% ABV)

A balanced IRA made with Cryo Simcoe, Mosaic and Ekuanot hops. Upfront floral aroma with balanced tropical notes and a light malt backbone.

Bale Breaker Brewing /Georgetown Brewing

FRENZ IPA (5.5% ABV/ 45 IBU)

“I thought maybe we could brew a beer, and use Citra and Galaxy hops, and maybe even hold hands!”  Brewed for the WA Beer Commission’s Collaboration Festival with “frenz” from Georgetown & Bale Breaker, this heavily-hopped, aromatic IPA features two exciting hop varieties – Citra™ & Galaxy.

Boundary Bay Brewery/Iron Goat Brewing

Oat In A Boat IPA (6.6% ABV/ 72 IBU)

Boundary Bay Brewery (Bellingham) and Iron Goat Brewing Co. (Spokane) sailed together in pursuit of a powerful tropical treasure. Goat in a Boat is a passion fruit IPA that head-butts palates with a hoppy, tropical twist. A fermentation voyage with passion fruit puree and a hefty dry-hop of Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo present aromas of passion fruit, musky melon and bright citrus. Anticipate a hazy IPA with pungent, tart fruit flavors and tenacious bitterness The Cascadia partnership was natural with Boundary Bay Brewer Aaron Jacob Smith and General Manager Janet Lightner being Spokane natives.

Cash Brewing /Naked City Brewery

1) Cask Highway To Tripel (7.8% ABV/ 62 IBU) 

A Chocolate Belgian Tripel. This West Flanders Style Tripel is goldish-orange in color with a creamy white head & a chocolaty -citrus aroma. Although slightly sweet, it finishes dry and leaves a hint of orange & chocolate flavor. This one is dry-hopped with Light Oak Chips. Served from a Cask.

2) Highway to Tripel-Chocolate Tripel (7.8% ABV/ 62 IBU)

Same beer as our 1) beer but served cold  with Cacao Nibs

Cloudburst Brewing/Fremont Brewing

Totally Nebular Hazy IPA (6.7% ABV/ A Crap Ton IBU

Cloudburst and Fremont spent weeks in the wilderness with only a loincloth, two sharp sticks and a donkey to find the creative inspiration for their Djibouti styled IPA. Riffing on the hunter/gatherer brewing tradition, the breweries foraged for wild barley berries and hop cones on the hillsides of Djibouti for weeks and harvested only under the cleansing light of the full moon. When enough of the sacred ingredients had been gathered, they returned to their normal state of being and brewed this beer. Totally Nebular IPA.

Counterbalance Brewing /Floating Bridge Brewing

Passion Fruit Hisbiscus Ale (5.4% ABV/1I IBU)

A stimulating light-bodied wheat ale with floral aroma and tart fruit character. brewed with hibiscus and passionfruit. Hopped with Sorachi Ace. Brewed in collaboration with Floating Bridge Brewing.

Crucible Brewing/Postdoc Brewing

Double Plum Sour (8ish % ABV)

This beer incorporates over 400lbs of plums in a strong and tart wheat-based base.  It picks up a purplish hue from all of those plums and welcomes you with aromas of fresh fruit, citrus, and plums!  The fruit, the high ABV, and the refreshingly bright lactic acidity intertwine to bring you a nice dose of summer.

Dreadnought Brewing /Lost Canoe Brewing

Dreadnought Canoe (5.5% ABV/10 IBU)

For our Collaboration, we made a Hazzy IPA with Lost Canoe. Made with all late addition hops of CTZ, Centennial, Cascade, Citria hops with all of those same hops in the dry hop addition. creating a nice hope infused hazy easy drinking IPA.

Dru Bru Brewery/Icicle Brewing

Kristall Weissbier (5.0% ABV)

A community is defined as a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society. The brewing community, especially those tucked within the Cascade mountain range, is no different. Separated by a short drive over Blewett Pass, Dru Bru (of Snoqualmie Pass) teamed up with Icicle Brewing (of Stevens Pass) to brew up a little ‘common ‘characteristics’. The result is a clean and subtle Bavarian style wheat ale with a light body and notes of banana and clove.

Dystopian State Brewing/Wingman Brewers

1) Crump Juice NEIPA (6% ABV)

NEIPA style beer brewed with a startling amount of delicious and aromatic hop

2) MK Ultra Dank

It is exactly as it sounds.  Dank! We used around 4 lbs per barrel on this one including injecting the tank with Cryo Mosaic hop hash.

Flying Lion Brewing/Pike Brewing

Pike Lion Share Pilsner (3.8% ABV 25 IBU)

Collaboration brew between Pike Brewing Company and Flying Lion Brewing for the 2017 Washington Beer Collaboration Festival. A crisp and refreshing Pilsner, Pike Lion Share flirts with the newest buzz in the hop world, Mosaic lupulin powder. This just introduced technology captures nuances and the freshness of hops, giving you Mosaic’s juicy and resinous flavors like never before. Enjoy this bright beer on draft only at the Collaboration Festival, Flying Lion, Pike Brewing Company and limited draft accounts.

Foggy Noggin Brewing/Mac & Jack’s

You Say Olde, I Say New

English Style Pale Ale (5.1% ABV/35 IBU)

This golden pale ale is bringing together two breweries as well as two great beer styles. Jim Jamison and his team at Foggy Noggin brewing is teaming up with Caleb Osborn and his team at Mac and Jack’s Brewing to create a new spin on an old style. Using nearly 100% UK Golden Promise malt brings the body and flavor of this pale ale through the roof. This malt bill is accompanied by the pungent Eureka! and spicy tangerine notes of the experimental #07270 hops, grown right here in our Yakima valley. The delicately sweet biscuit notes paired with this aggressive Northwest hop duo brings you a west coast pale ale suitable for any English pub.

Kulshan Brewing /Old Schoolhouse Brewery Collaboration

Golden Promise IPA

Bellingham’s Kulshan Brewing teamed up with Old Schoolhouse Brewery of Winthrop to craft a dynamic West Coast IPA.  Golden Promise malt provides the bready and full bodied backbone needed to support a generous dosage of Simcoe, Loral, and Citra hops.  Bold citrus, floral, and fruity hop notes dominate this well balanced IPA, creating a delicious drinking experience that is sure to collaborate well with any summer activity.

Lowercase Brewing/Stormy Mountain Brewing

Roggenbier (5.5% ABV)

Wielding a preposterous percentage of rye malt for any modern beer, this German creation is called a Roggenbier (think Joe Rogan). This beast has the mouthfeel of a barleywine and the assertiveness that only rye and a Belgian Wit strain could create. A bit like Apple pie in a glass, this tradition brew will entice you with clove, cinnamon and ginger hints all the way down.

Matchless Brewing/Triceratops Brewing

Big Dumb Face Rye IPA (7.5% ABV)

This beer is a strong Rye IPA, full of Citra, Pekko, and HBC-462 hops, resulting in a citrus and melon characteristic. The rye gives the beer a little spice for a nice balance.

Middleton Brewing/Sound to Summit

1) Forty-Two-Five Malt Liquor (9.9% ABV/32 IBU)

An ode to Everett and the 425 area code Forty-two-five is a malt liqour lager brewed with 3.5 lb of peach o candies per barrel.

2) Once You Go Blackberry Wheat (9.3% ABV 21 IBU)

An double strength American wheat beer brewed with 40lb of blackberries per bbl that will make you want to come back for more.

Mollusk/Rooftop Brewing

KraftTeamWerk Lager

Teaming with our Westlake pals, Mollusk, Rooftop brewed its first lager with an eye towards a modernization of a traditional German Lager. Showcasing new and exciting hops varietals from Germany (Huell Melon and Bavaria Mandarina), KraftTeamWerk is fruity, hoppy and clean with a crisp refreshing finish. This beer was made possible from the lager fermentation techniques learned at Naked City via Silver City. A fantastic example of the collaborative spirits of Washington brewing.

Scuttlebutt Brewing /Diamond Knot Craft Brewing

Thai Me Down (5.6% ABV/29 IBU)

This dark lager has been infused with ginger and chilies.  Smooth, rich with a hint of heat at the end.

Stoup Brewing/Wander Brewing

1) Mabel’s Brew (6.5% ABV)

Named in honor of Chad & Colleen Kuehl’s first baby. This IPA was brewed with wheat and oats and hopped heavily with Citra, El Dorado, and Mosaic. Fermented with an East Coast Strain and Bruxellinis Trois, the beer has a smooth, creamy mouthfeel balanced by the bright tropical fruit and citrus flavors of the hop profile.

2) Stave Some For Me Collaborative Blend (7.6% ABV)

Two barrels of Wander Brewing Barrel aged Flanders Red were blended with one barrel of Stoup Brewing Golden Sour and one barrel of Stoup Brewing Brett Saison. All of the beers were aged for approximately one year in a combination of red and white wine barrels prior to blending. The resulting beer is light rust colored with firm acidity, balanced wood tannin and a complex rounded out palate.

Sumarian Brewing/Melvin Brewing

Dank as F**k West Coast IPA (7.7% ABV/ 77IBU)

Tapping into the tradition of Melvin and Sumerian, this IPA is packed with ample amounts of hops….Simcoe, Amarillo and Columbus to be exact. 100% Skagit Valley Malt bill and a bit of Swedish death metal lend to the solid base of the Dank as F**k IPA. Madness? Perhaps… but that’s what we are seeking!

Three Magnets Brewing /Skookum Brewing

Puff, Pass IPA (AKA “Skookum Puffs) (7% ABV)

IPA brewed with puffed rice.  Mosaic, Simcoe, Eureka, Centennial and Chelan hops. Tropical, dank and fruity with a dry finish.

20 Corners Brewing/Big Block Brewing

Blackberry Ginger Sour (6.0 %  ABV  28 IBU)

This traditional kettle sour has a nice balance of sour and tart Blackberry. The Ginger softens the edge a bit and gives this wonder sour and nice sweet spicy tone.


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