The Brewlab spawns its first seasonal beer for Redhook with one small error


UPDATED: January 10th. Redhook has issued the following statement

“We are working with the Niehaus family closely on ways to honor Dave’s Hall of Fame legacy in the Seattle area and will follow up with news as soon as we have it. My Oh My is, as you say, synonymous with Seattle baseball. We regret the error of not including this acknowledgment in the press release.”

ORIGINAL POST: January 9th.

When Redhook introduced the Redhook Brewlab, the new brewpub in Seattle (read about it), it came with a promise that the company would use its new and comparatively small brewery to create recipes for upcoming seasonal and special-release beers. Also, it seemed to suggest that the company was looking to reconnect with its Seattle roots and cuddle up with the locals again. The release of My Oh My Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout seems the fulfillment of that promise. Kind of. You know, in a “hold my beer and watch this” kind of way.

As anyone who’s been around Seattle for more than a minute knows, the term “My Oh My” is synonymous with baseball in Seattle. Talk about a swing and a miss, Redhook has thus far not acknowledged any connection between the beer’s name and Dave Niehaus, the legendary voice of the Seattle Mariners. Because of my kinder nature, I’m giving them a chance to acknowledge the error before I accuse Craft Brew Alliance of being completely out of touch with the city that Redhook once called home. I have a Mariners logo tattooed on my right arm, and I was around when Redhook first popped into existence, so as both a beer lover and a lifelong Mariners fan, I’m saddened that the press release below (and everything I’ve seen on social media) fails to mention Niehaus or the Mariners. I’m sure they have their unpleasant reasons. And if it is out of fear of litigation, then why the hell did they name the beer…

I digress.

Redhook will introduce My Oh My Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout at a release party at the Brewlab on Thursday, January 11th. The new spring seasonal beer, a coffee-infused stout, will be available in six-packs and on draft around the Pacific Northwest. For more information, see the press release below.



Coffee-infused stout is the first of three new Redhook seasonal beers in 2018

SEATTLE, WASH. – January 8, 2018 – Born at Redhook Brewlab in Seattle, My Oh My Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout, Redhook’s new spring seasonal, is a rich, espresso-driven milk stout with the perfect hint of caramel sweetness. Inspired by the popular caramel macchiato coffee drink, Redhook head brewer Nick Crandall first brewed the beer last year as an experimental recipe poured exclusively at Brewlab. To celebrate the introduction of My Oh My in 6-packs and draught in the Pacific Northwest, Redhook is hosting a launch party at Brewlab on Thursday, January 11 from 5-8pm.

“After opening our new brewery in Seattle last summer, we wanted to brew a beer that celebrates Seattle’s place at the epicenter of coffee and craft beer culture,” said Crandall. “We used a blend of dark roast coffee and dark malts to create a well-balanced beer with hints of chocolate, caramel and espresso. My Oh My was a big hit on tap when we first brewed it, so we decided to brew and package it as our first seasonal in 2018.”

With the release of My Oh My in bottles, Redhook is introducing a new artistic package design for its 2018 seasonal lineup: My Oh My kicks off the year and will be followed by Tangelic Halo, a tangerine IPA brewed with a quartet of hops this summer, and then Winterhook, Redhook’s winter beer, which will be an India Brown Lager this year. The new package designs highlight each beer’s unique ingredients and flavors through bold, colorful artwork that Redhook fans can get excited about in 2018.

“With our new lineup of seasonal beers, we wanted our packaging art to tell a story about the beer in the bottle,” said Angela Saunders, Redhook Brewery brand manager. “For the My Oh My label, we focused on the ingredients of this distinctive beer and used playful custom illustrations and a bold color scheme that put coffee and caramel front and center.”

My Oh My Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout Release Party

Redhook will host a My Oh My Caramel Macchiato Milk Stout release party at Brewlab on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018 from 5-8pm,  where guests can enjoy special pricing on pints and crowlers of My Oh My.

During the event, Seattle’s Comfort Baking Co. will be sampling cookies baked with malt from My Oh My. Additionally we’re also featuring ice cream sandwiches on the menu with cookies made from My Oh My malt and Salt & Straw salted caramel ice cream. The sandwich will be offered with a pairing of My Oh My on the menu for $10. This pairing is a limited time offering and sure to go quickly!

For additional information about Redhook Brewery, visit and follow the brewery on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Or, to find My oh My near you, visit Redhook’s beerfinder:

My Oh My Caramel Macchiato Stout

My Oh My Caramel Macchiato Stout is brewed with an indulgent blend of coffee and dark malts; its bold coffee flavor and aroma is rounded out with sweetness from lactose milk sugar. My Oh My is Redhook’s new spring seasonal in 2018, available in 6-packs and on draught in the Pacific Northwest.

Malts: Pale, Munich, C-80, Dark Chocolate

Hops: Millennium, HB 472

ABV: 5.5%

IBU: 33




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  1. I’ve lived here for nearly 9 years, and I’m unfamiliar with the reference. Not everyone follows baseball. Of those who DO, not all of them have been following the Mariners since before 2010. Seems like an innocent mistake to me.

  2. Wait just a dadgum minute. This is the Washington Beer Blog. I’m supposed to be the only one defending Redhook! And any time I do, that’s when people are supposed to comment and disagree with me. It’s a historical fact!

    IMHO, it is impossible to be a “Seatttle brewery” and name a beer My Oh My without understanding that reference. All it takes is a small clue and a bit of research. Would Chicagoans let Goose Island make a beer called Bartman without acknowledging what it references? Would Red Sox fans let Boston Beer Company get away with calling a beer Buckner without acknowledging the reference?

    Let’s be honest here. It’s probably a legal/financial issue with them acknowledge that My Oh My is firmly and historically associated with the Mariners. I’d guess that they are afraid it would become one of those issues if they did.

    Anyway, welcome to Seattle.

    1. Best comment ever. I have tried the beer it is good. And I would say as an industry guy this is the first time in a while I’m excited about something from red hook. The mariners reference issue is not a thing for us eastsiders but even a Spokane boy like me immediately thought of that one magical 1996 season so long ago for the m’s

  3. Hey beerman! I’ll agree with you on this one. Seems to be a really dense move on their part. But honestly, RedHook trying to make a comeback in this city seems to be a bit of a joke anyway. And so does releasing a stout as a spring seasonal. They are either 6 months early or 6 months late on their release date, either way its certainly a swing and a miss. But best of luck Redhook!

  4. Any bets on wheather the phrase is trademarked. Most seem not to even bother to check for TM’s or if another brewery has used a name. Seem to think they can get away with it and no one will notice. Either way not cool on Redhooks part.

  5. Perhaps it’s irony? ‘96 the year the Mariners went to the playoffs, Niehaus coined the infamous phrase, and Redhook sold out. Hard to miss the phrase in Seattle, Macklemore even sings a song giving homage.

    Another digression on the title, a macchiato has a dollop of foam. Why would you use macchiato to describe a milk stout? Late or cafe au lait seem better suited.

    Lastly, if you plan to use “My Oh My” shouldn’t the release either coincide with the season opener or fall playoffs? Perhaps something session worthy?

    1. This is a beer blog, but to be clear, Niehaus coined the term “My Oh My” long before that, actually.

      The year you are thinking of was ’95, the Refuse to Lose season, when the Mariners were 13 games out of first place on August 1st and came back to end the season in a tie with the Angels, then win the AL West in a one-game playoff. Then they beat the Yankees in the 5th game of a 5-game series, thanks to “the double,” which was hit by Edgar Martinez in the 11th inning, scoring Griffey all the way from first base. Mariners win 6-5.

      My seats were in Section 114.

  6. Much to their credit, Redhook issued the following statement:

    “We are working with the Niehaus family closely on ways to honor Dave’s Hall of Fame legacy in the Seattle area and will follow up with news as soon as we have it. My Oh My is, as you say, synonymous with Seattle baseball. We regret the error of not including this acknowledgment in the press release.”

  7. When coming up with this name, I was trying to make an homage to Seattle, its coffee culture and looking to use some alliteration to go with Machiatto Milk Stout and found My Oh My to be a perfect fit. I’m sorry if the lack of acknowledgment of the sourcing for the inspiration of the name for this beer offended some but I assumed that this would be known as a reference the Mariner’s glory days.

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