Today: San Diego vs Seattle in a Beer Showdown

We’ve been telling you about this for some time now: our West Coast Beer Town Showdown pitting the beers of Seattle against the beers of San Diego. You can see our previous post about the event here. I want to add some information for you today, since the day is now upon us.

The event happens today from 3:00  – 5:00 at the Beveridge Place Pub. Here’s some stuff I want to share with you:

  • We will be serving beers from San Diego which you very likely have not consumed in Washington. For example, a Saison from Lost Abbey and an Imperial IPA from Green Flash, both brand new to the market and we don’t think anyone else has poured them around Seattle.
  • This will be an uncommon tasting event. We don’t think there has ever been an event like this in Seattle. Participant will not simply pick their favorites, they will also be asked to determine which beer is which. That’s it in a nutshell, but rest assured it is a very cool, uncommon way of conducting a tasting event like this. Participants will be scored. Pick well, you’ll go home with a prize.
  • The list of prizes includes a pair of tickets to next weekend’s Washington Brewers Festival. Also, a pair of tickets to the Seattle International Beer Festival (in July). Beyond that, we’ll have some rare bottles from San Diego — beers you cannot get around here. Other swag as well.

So come on out to the Beveridge Place Pub this afternoon and join us for some damn fine west coast beers.


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