The Today Show video

Here is the segment I did with Kathie Lee and Hoda on the Today Show. This aired on Friday, October 21st. Click here to see the story I wrote about my appearance on the show.

I will just preface this by saying that the banter between Kathie Lee and I began in the green room about an hour and a half before I was on camera. She belly-bumped me, put here finger in my chest and said, “We’re gonna drink you under the table, Beer Boy. You’re going down.” If it looks like I’m having a good time, now you know why. The whole thing was wacky and fun.

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  1. They might have liked Wisdom Seeker.
    Some of the beers you threw at them are – shall we say – pushing the envelope for those not used to them.
    A top notch stout, IPA, or barleywine would have been better choices in my opinion.

  2. Nice work Kendall (or shall I say, “Beer Boy”)! I don’t think a beer selection exists that would have won over those ladies during that short segment. Trade Route Ginger Pale was a good selection … usually a safe choice for beer newbies. Perhaps Iron Horse Quilter’s Irish Death or Old Schoolhouse Hooligan Stout? Nevermind, Hoda would have scoffed at anything short of a martini.

  3. Well done Kendall! You weathered the barrage of “beer boys” and bitter-beer-faces beautifully. I can’t think of a better Washington Beer Ambassador than yourself.

  4. Nice work, Kendall! Boy, did they ever drink you under the table! (Maybe next time, over some Coors Lites.)

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