Tonight at the Beveridge Place – a Special Cask of a Special Beer

I keep telling people (magazine editors mostly) that this “barrel-aged beer thing” is really catching on. That it is a big deal. That it is a trend showing no sign of slowing. You, fellow beer aficionado, already know this to be true. Tonight the Beveridge Place Pub (blog sponsor) taps into a cask of a very special barrel-aged beer from Two Beers Brewing.

As we reported last week, Two Beers Brewing is about to release the first in a new series of beers. The Alta Series is a new line of small-batch, high-gravity, barrel-aged beers that will be available in bottles only. Tonight’s event is a preview of the first beer in the series, Switchback Russian Imperial Stout, which will be officially released at the brewery’s tap room on Saturday, February 2.

Tonight at 6:00 the Beveridge Place Pub will tap into a cask (the only cask) of Switchback Russian Imperial Stout. The Alta Series is all about bottles. I have little doubt that the beer will be spectacular. Read our previous story to learn more about the beer and the Alta Series.