Tonight – Plinyless in Seattle? Big Al offers relief

Happening tonight – Big Al brewers night at Porterhouse. The crew from Big Al Brewing will be at Porterhouse Pub in West Seattle. Pliny the Younger, on the other hand, will not.

It’s a Tuesday night. Not usually a busy night on the beer scene; however, the much ballyhoed arrival of Pliny the Younger is upon us. This is wacko. We can’t complain. I guess we started the hysteria when we published the story back on Jan. 15th, hinting that some of the much-coveted triple IPA was bound for Seattle. Apparently Plinymania is now fully upon us.

Last Friday Collins Pub blew through a 1/6 barrel in 20 minutes. Oh well, we missed it. We were going to announce that tonight Naked City will be tapping a keg, and that you should go out and try some, but you can scratch that. Naked City tapped their Pliny the Younger at 5:00 p.m. today. Drained it in 6 minutes.

So we’ll be heading up to the Porterhouse in West Seattle to join Big Al Brewing for a brewers night celebration. Sure, maybe it isn’t quite as sexy as a big uber IPA from California,  but we love Big Al and, well, is that so wrong?

If you’re heartbroken because you just cannot keep up with the Pliny fever, come join us and Big Al at the Porterhouse.  They’ll have plenty of beer, I promise.

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  1. Enjoy…he was really talking up the sour blend he did for tonight and I’d love to try it! I unfortunately won’t be making it to Porterhouse or to find Pliny today. Never enough time…

  2. They were serving the sour on cask. I’m not a huge fan of sours, but I did try it and thought it was quite good. The Belgian Brown was my favorite. Dang me, that’s a good one!