Top gifts for beer lovers


The following is a guest post, provided by Mark Cop. He writes a foosball-focused blog but wanted to share this here.

Top Gifts for Beer Lovers
by Mark Cop

No matter if it is a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or some other special occasion, you can’t go wrong with beer as a gift for beer lovers. But if you are tired of getting them beer as presents, I offer some ideas for some more other things you can give them that are also related to beer. After all, they are beer lovers, right?


Few beers taste good at room temperature, which means that most beers need to be cold before serving. If you have a friend who loves draft beer more than bottled beer, he will love this gift.  This little fridge will keep the keg cold until you finish it and replace it with another. But that is not all, if you look closely you will notice that the refrigerator is also a dispenser which makes this present extra cool.

Corkcicle Chillsner

The Corkcicle is a gadget made for beer bottles. Actually, I am pretty sure it can fit in almost every bottle, not just beer bottles, but that is not important at the moment. The important thing is that this little gadget keeps your beer cold for hours but from the inside. Because you put the gadget (which is ice cold) in the beer, the beer gets cold before the bottle, not the other way around.


Foosball Table

Honestly, the reason why I have put the foosball table on this list is that I can’t imagine a better way to spend an evening than with friends playing foosball and drinking beer. There is some special connection between beer and foosball that you don’t feel with a pool table or air hockey. You can play foosball in 4s and you don’t have to focus as much as you during a game of pool. It is the perfect way to relax and have fun. Keep in mind that you can get foosball tables with cup holders so that you don’t spill beer.

Home Brewing Kit

If you have a friend who lives and breathes beer, a homebrew kit can help him get to the next level. Making your own beer is a great experience and it is a great hobby for the beer enthusiast.  Also, the holiday season is a great time to start making beer because the season is right and everybody is home for Christmas and New Year. That means that your friend can call on all of you to help him make beer. That would be a great day!



Here I am not talking about the good old 6 pack, I am talking about craft beers from breweries all over the state. You can find different types of beers, the one your friend hasn’t tried and you can make a package of special draft beers from all over the world. Those are beer he won’t try during one ordinary day and that is what makes them so special.

Author bio:

The post is made by Mark who is a blogger and a huge foosball fan. Mark has a blog about foosball called the Foosball Zone where he writes everything one foosball player needs to know — He loves to share his knowledge about foosball so he writes guides and reviews of many foosball tables on the market.