Toronado Seattle Grand Opening This Saturday, a Bilingual Explanation

On Saturday, August 30 the brand new Toronado Seattle celebrates its grand opening. What does that mean? I am going to explain it in two different languages.

First, I’ll say it in Seattle Beer Snobbese: Bonney opened a Toronado in Seattle. The new Toronado moved into one of Seth’s old places. Got it? Okay, all the cool kids are now free to advance to the beer list below.

Second, I’ll say it in English. There is a new kickass beer bar in town called the Toronado. It was opened by a guy named Matt Bonney, who is well known on the local beer scene for his work breathing life into a number of other great Seattle beer bars.

The original Toronado in San Francisco is beloved by many, feared by some, but respected by all. It is gritty, brash, intolerant, fiercely dedicated to great beer, and usually finds itself on anybody’s list of best West Coast beer bars. If the original Toronado were your big brother instead of a bar, it would wrap an arm around your shoulder, tell you how much it loves you, and then give you a merciless nuggie.

There is a second Toronado location, in San Diego, which offers a kinder and gentler approach to craft beer, though the dedication does not waver.

Beer is the constant. The word Toronado is synonymous with great beer. The Seattle version of the Toronado has a helluva reputation to maintain. No doubt, Matt Bonney is the guy to do it.

Toronado Seattle is located at 1205 NE 65th, which used to be Mutiny Hall, the eatery and drinkery run by Seth Howard, who also runs Collins Pub and Hudson Public House. When Seth moved out, Bonney moved in. See how easy it is to talk like a real Seattle beer geek?

The official grand opening of Toronado Seattle is Saturday, August 30th. To commemorate the occasion Matt Bonney has pulled out all the stops and put together an amazing beer list, which includes some beers that are beyond rare around here. Beers from Minnesota’s Surly Brewing Company, for example, are unobtainable in Washington.

Beer List

Stone – ArbalestAgainst the grain – Haman Hamarth
Elysian – Wu Tang
Hair of the Dog – Adam
Double Mountain – Devils kriek
Cascade – PDX Punch
Cascade – Pomegranite
Pfriem – 2012 Belgian Stout
Surly – Furious IPA
Surly – Cocoa Bender
Surly – Hell Lager
BFM – Abbey de Saint Bon-Chien
Boneyard/Alpine – Chingadira
Oakshire – Flanders Framboise
Maui – Barrel aged Father Damien
Maui – Haleakala Sunrise
Maui – Pau Hana Pils
Maui – Imperial Coconut Porter
Alesmith – Speedway Stout
Firestone Walker – Brettaweisse
Lost Abbey -Duck Duck
Lost Abbey – Angel Share
Veltins – Pilsner
And many more!!!!!



  1. Well, it is a Grand Opening, so this type of tap list is expected and welcome. There are plenty of places to grab a local brew, and I would suspect that WA beers will have a place on the regular menu. So, only having 1 local for the Big Day is no crime against humanity. I just hope it’s more like the Frisco Toronado, and not the soulless Sandy Ego one.

  2. BTW – we stopped by Toronado yesterday and talked to Matt. He’s got way more stuff than we’ve listed. He’s got some super-cool, rare treats lined up. Be there!

  3. I went in a few days after they opened the doors. Great atmosphere, great taps, and knowledgeable staff. I had a super fun time and can’t wait to get back. That little corner of Lake City is starting to get to be a pretty damn cool beer spot to walk around in.

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