Tragedy Stikes Tacoma's Swiss Pub

Beer enthusiasts in Tacoma lost a friend this past Friday when Gayl Bertagni died in a freak accident. Gayle was co-owner and chef at the Swiss Pub – one of Tacoma’s best places for craft beer. Though we did not know Gayl personally, we love the vibe at the Swiss and understand that she was a big part of the spirit that brought the Swiss back to life in the 1990s. 

Gayl was on her way to her cabin near Packwood, WA when she died in a freakish and unfortunate accident. The cabin is the site of the Swiss Pub’s annual employee Memorial Day getaway. The complete story is available from the Tacoma News Tribune.

Our sympathies to the loved ones and coworkers of this spirited woman who was loved by all.

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  1. Thank you for speaking out regarding this tragedy. I know we often lose sight that Memorial Day is not just a day off but a day to remember those whom are gone.

    My thoughts go out to her family, her friends, all those that remember what it was to experience her many contributions to their lives.


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