Two beer releases from Aslan Brewing on Thanksgiving eve


The day before Thanksgiving, Aslan Brewing is releasing two new beers: Raspberry Dojo, a fruited saison, and Mandarina Queen, a single-hop IPA. Here’s the release info from the brewery.
Available Wednesday, 11/21

Fruited Saison // 6.2% ABV
This saison style ale comes from the same base that Blueberry Dojo originated from. The processes used for making the beers in the Dojo series are identical, stemming from the same initial brew. What differs is the fruit in which each is named after. In all cases the complexity of the fermentation is driven by the native microflora that naturally existed on the fruit. Raspberry Dojo is noticeably more sour than its predecessor. Some of that comes from the natural acidity that is more prevalent in raspberries, the rest is attributable to the higher concentration of lactic acid bacteria that was clearly present on the fruit. The temperament of this beer is driven by balance, which allows it to be wildly complex. We did not set out to make a raspberry beer. Rather, we set out to use raspberries in a beer to create depth and to selectively promote the natural yeasts and bacteria that they harbor. The contact time on fruit lasted from August 15th, 2017, through August 1st, 2018.

Mandarina Queen – Single Hop IPA
Available Wednesday, 11/21

6.8% ABV // 35 IBU // 14.7 P
medium body + melon notes + bright

Brewed in the same manner as Simcoe Slice, this luminous and lush IPA uses only Mandarina Bavaria hops. This somewhat newer German varietal is known for its ability to kick out lots of dank melon notes. While intentionally very similar to Simcoe Slice, the hop character is profoundly different; exuding very ripe honeydew and cantaloupe overtones. A conditioning period of over two weeks, below freezing, helped create the stability and beautiful brightness in this IPA.

Hops: Mandarina Bavaria
Malt: 2-Row Pale, Carahell, Raw Wheat