Two Beers Brewing Introduces a Mug Club

For those of you who have not heard, Two Beers Brewing officially named its tasting room The Woods. Today Two Beers Brewing announces the founding of The Woods Mug Club. Beginning next Wednesday, March 7, Two Beers Brewing fans can sign up to be a member of the Mug Club. The year-long membership is $75 and offers some significant perks, especially for those of us who frequent the tasting room.

As a member you will get your own personalized 21 oz mug (filled for the price of a 16 oz pint), an exclusive mug club t-shirt, exclusive tastings of new beers, as well as discounts on cans, bottles and keg purchases. What’s more, Two Beers Brewing will host a big year-end Mug Club party. More perks may be added.

The folks at Two Beers Brewing tell us that they have been looking for a way to thank all of their most loyal fans and this is it. They are only opening up 50 spots to the public, so those interested are encouraged to sign up soon in person at the Two Beers Brewing tasting room, aka The Woods. I am guessing it will not take long to sell all 50 of the memberships. If you want to join, I advise that you not dilly-dally. Get down there next Wednesday or soon thereafter and make it happen.

Get information about the benefits, rules, regulations and more on the Two Beers Brewing website.


  1. “next Wednesday, March 7, Two Beers Brewing fans can sign up to be a member of the Mug Club”

    not according to the website. they state to email your request to them to join or add to the wait list. where do you get the info about March 7?

  2. I get my information from Two Beer Brewing. They sent me a message with the details I relayed in this article. In fact, this post is basically a plagiarizer email from them.

  3. Just got an email response back from TwoBeers today. Although there isn’t info about this on their website, their email response indicates March 7 is the actual join opportunity.

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