Two local breweries start bottling

Today we are happy to report that two more Washington breweries are about to start offering their product in bottles: Odin Brewing and Two Beers Brewing.

Can I get that to go?

Three-quarters of Washington’s craft breweries do not package their beer in bottles or cans. While you may not consider it a problem when you are drinking a pint down at the local pub, the relative nonavailability of bottles and cans often makes it difficult to support your local brewery when drinking away from the bar. That’s why the Washington Beer Blog is always happy when one (or two) of our local breweries starts bottling or canning its product.

Congratulations and thank you

By now you have likely enjoyed beer from Odin Brewing on tap, but never before has it been available in bottles. The bottle release party is at Full Throttle Bottles in Georgetown tomorrow (Wednesday, March 2nd) from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

Two Beers Brewing company is just a couple of days away from bottling beer and will be planning some kind of release event very soon. We will keep you posted as details become available.

If there are any other local breweries with plans to bottle product that we do not know about, please contact us.

Congratulations to the Odin Brewing and Two Beers Brewing. We look forward to seeing your product at retail outlets soon.

Labels, ready to go onto bottles (from the Two Beers Brewing's Facebook page).

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  1. Isn’t there a mobile bottling business still going? I read about this business a couple of years ago and wonder what they’re up to now.

  2. I was a little surprised when I Odin’s bottles in the store last night. If only they’d bottle in 12 oz bottles instead of 22s. I’m not a fan of the large format.

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