Two Year Anniversary at Gig Harbor Brewing – Saturday, November 18


This Saturday, November 18th, Gig Harbor Brewing celebrates its second anniversary at the brewery and taproom in Tacoma. The event will include raffles, special beers, and live entertainment from a local musician.

Here are the details from Gig Harbor Brewing.

The Big Gig: Part Deux

Two-Year Anniversary Party Set For 11/18 At Gig Harbor Brewing

It’s been another whirlwind of activity during Gig Harbor Brewing’s second year of operation. More beer styles brewed; another distribution deal signed; another brewery expansion. And now it’s time to celebrate.

The party starts at 5:00 PM in the brewery’s Tacoma taproom, and will feature raffles, beer specials, live music, and food.

Much like last year’s shindig, The Big Gig: Part Deux will celebrate the strides Gig Harbor has managed to pull off in the past 12 months. But most importantly, it’s a way to celebrate the incredible support they’ve received from the people that enjoy their beer, their distributors, and family and friends.

The very talented singer/songwriter Kristen Marlo will be performing her popular mix of sweet guitar melodies.

Catching Marlo live is worth the visit to the taproom, but then again, there’s also the beer.

Mike O’Hara, Gig Harbor’s head brewer, continues to create some of the best ales in the Puget Sound region, with his new GH Autumn Ale being a current big hit with taproom visitors. If we’re lucky, there will be some left on tap by party time. If you can’t get there on the 18th, try to squeeze in a visit just to fill your growler with this new fall seasonal.

New 22 oz. bottles of Gig Harbor’s Round Rock IPA, Imperial Stout, Pale Ale, Racing Rooster Red Ale, Sturdy Gertie Dbl IPA – and cans of Giggly Blonde Ale – will be available for purchase in the taproom the day of the party. Plus, there may be a surprise keg on tap during the party.

If you’ve never visiting Gig Harbor Brewing, be sure to note that they are brewing in Tacoma, and the party will be held in their Tacoma taproom at 3120 S Tacoma Way.

Parking is allowed in front and around the building, and on Alder street.

Visit the company website at, their facebook page at, or their twitter account at




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