Imperial IPAs are mighty big beers. Be safe. Click the Uber logo to get $30 off your first ride.

UBER Discount Codes for Washington Brewers Fest

We have Uber discount codes below! Uber is offering a very special deal for people attending the Washington Brewers Festival this weekend. Use the festival code and you’ll get 50 percent off your ride to/from the event. That’s right, all you need to do is download the app and then use the code provided and you’ll get 50-percent of your Uber fare. If you don’t know about Uber, read our previous post. Uber is cool. You need to know about this even if you aren’t doing the Brewers Fest this weekend.

Instruction below for both new Uber users and existing Uber users.

New to Uber? Two simple steps:

1)  Sign Up for Uber now, get the app! Set up your account.

2) Use the code WBFSEA

That may not seem like enough information, but it’s really all you need to know

Existing Uber users simply enter the code WBFSEA50 before requesting your car and you’re all set.



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