Uh, I was told there would be no math?



The other day it was determined beyond any shadow of a doubt that there were exactly 122 breweries in Washington. I did all the heavy lifting for you. I figured that nobody would know better than the WSLCB when it came to the breweries in Washington. On Tuesday I got the 100 percent complete and accurate list from the WSLCB and then verified, calculated and merged it with my own list. Everyone went to bed that night and slept well, secure with the knowledge that there are 122 breweries in Washington. No more, no less. Oh sweet, ignorant bliss!

In accordance with the new, official, 100 percent accurate list provided by the WSLCB, the list has now been revised to include all 125 breweries in Washington. Our listing of Washington’s Breweries and Brewpubs is now correct and complete. Again. Once more.

I am now certain that I have accounted for all licensed breweries in Washington. Again. The counting of the number is now 125.

UPDATE: Less than one day after writing this post, I learned of a new brewpub that just opened in Bremerton. So now the counting of the number shall be 126.

UPDATE: Nobody said this would be easy. In the past 30 days, several enterprises have applied for liquor licenses or had their applications approved. That does not mean that they will all become active, new breweries. It just means I have research to do, phone calls to make, and questions to ask.


  1. As often as I see new applications for brewery licenses, you’ll have to update that number weekly.

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