Upcoming “Beer Trumps Hate” events benefit Queen Anne Helpline


It is sad that I feel a need to preface this story with a statement like this, and I hate inserting myself into a story, but I do not share this story because of any personal, political agenda; rather, I share this story because it is true and it is news. How this story makes you feel is political, but my reporting it is not.

Here is a press release.


“Beer Trumps Hate” Campaign: Seattle Craft Breweries selling beer to benefit local non-profit organizations

Seattle, WA, January 5, 2019– Rooftop Brewing Company, LLC (Rooftop) is excited to announce the release of “Imp. Peach Mint IPA” as part of the Beer Trumps Hate Campaign for January 2019. Proceeds of the sale of this beer throughout the month of January will be donated to Queen Anne Helpline. In addition to the beer, Rooftop will sell Beer Trumps Hate T-shirts and stickers at its tasting room located at 1220 W. Nickerson St., Seattle and online at, and donate the proceeds of those sales.

Imp. Peach Mint IPA (8.8% ABV, 72 IBU) was brewed with Azacca, Mosaic & El Dorado Hops and real peach puree to provide a wonderful bouquet of tropical fruit and peach flavors. Fresh mint was used in the dry-hops to give a more effervescent character, but mostly to complete the allegory. Imp. Peach Mint IPA will be sold in bars and restaurants throughout the Seattle area, as well as in Rooftop’s tasting room.

To highlight the Beer Trumps Hate campaign and raise additional money, several local bars and restaurants will host events. Queen Anne Helpline will have representatives at each event to provide additional information about their mission and possible opportunities to help their cause. Imp. Peach Mint IPA and associated Beer Trumps Hate swag will be available for purchase with the proceeds going to Queen Anne Helpline.

Events will be held at the following bars on the dates provided

Jan. 10: Hilltop Alehouse, 2129 Queen Anne Ave N, Seattle
Jan. 17, The Red Door, 3401 Evanston Ave N, Seattle
Jan. 24, Rooftop, 1220 W. Nickerson St., Seattle

About Beer Trumps Hate

Beer Trumps Hate was started in 2017 by Rooftop Brewing Company in response to the negative rhetoric pervasive in the national political environment. Rooftop believes that beer and community go hand in hand. This concern has motivated Rooftop to use its beer, space, and the beer drinking community to do something to bring people together in the name of love of beer! Under the Beer Trumps Hate campaign, each month a different local craft brewery will brew a beer to benefit a local non-profit organization of their choosing. The Beer Trumps Hate campaign social media and swag will be used to promote awareness and raise additional funds for that organization – and drink some delicious beer along the way! In the past two years, Beer Trumps Hate has raised around $20,000 for local, community non-profit organizations.

About Queen Anne Helpline

Queen Anne Helpline was formed in 1982 after a local grocery store owner realized that many seniors were buying pet food to eat because it was all they could afford. He teamed up with other community leaders to establish the Queen Anne Helpline, a neighborhood model that proved so successful several other Helplines were established around the city. By providing financial and other basic needs assistance to residents of the Queen Anne, Magnolia, and South Lake Union neighborhoods, the Helpline ensures that several thousand people annually have secure housing, are able to pay their utility bills, and have adequate food and clothing.

About Rooftop Brewing Company

Rooftop Brewing Company was started in 2012 by five friends as a 1-barrel brewery in a small garage in an alley behind 7-11 in Queen Anne. Now a 15 barrel brewery located on Nickerson St. in Seattle, WA, Rooftop brews beers we like to drink, and we hope you will too. Rooftop beer may be found in our tasting room on Nickerson St., at local restaurants and bars in the Seattle area, and in bottles and cans at local retail establishments. Rooftop believes that beer can play a big part in great conversations, great friendships and great moments. It’s better on the Roof!



  1. Kendall, I really enjoy your blog and twitter account. I personally don’t believe that your preface was necessary. I support local craft beer and admire how the community is involved in a way that can result in good things through beer. My only concern is that the symbol the Beer Trumps Hate uses seems to be a direct ripoff of Toronado Beer Bar’s symbol and possibly a trademark infringement.

    1. Thanks Dean. I hate sounding defensive, but I took a few shots last time I posted a story of this ilk. Advancing a particular agenda and such. Rest assured, I will be the first to report it when someone does a series of fundraisers with a beer called Lock Her Up Lager. I am always happy to help people who are trying to help people… with beer.

      I am not familiar with the Toronado logo of which you speak, but will see what I can find.

      1. Now I see what you’re talking about. The fist raising the pint. I’ve seen similar imagery used a lot. There’s a brewery somewhere that uses something very similar, just don’t remember which brewery.

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