Upcoming Events at Latona Pub

Two upcoming events at Latona Pub we’d like to tell you about.
Pike 25th Anniversary Party – Thurs. Oct 9th 7:00 pm.
The Latona invited the alumni to swing by and celebrate the legacy of Pike Brewing, which has helped spawn the careers of a number of brewers and breweries. Expect to see Spik Madsen (American Brewing), Bill Jenkin and Kevin Forhan (RAM), Drew Cluley (Beardslee Public House and Brewery), Shawn Loring (Lazy Boy Brewing), and Dick Cantwell (Elysian Brewing). Likely, some other special guests too!
October 13th Fort George Brewing Night  – Monday, Oct 13th, 7:00pm.
A celebration of this amazing brewery. Fort George brewed up a special beer on the small system and that brew will make its debut alongside other favorites from Fort George.