valley house brewing spring lager

Valley House Brewing releases Spring Lager, brewed with locally grown grain


Carnation Farms is largely known as a dairy producer, but now they’re growing some barley too. The original farm was founded in the Snoqualmie River Valley in 1908. For decades, people around here have known the farm for its milk, butter, sour cream, and other dairy products. Now they’re growing some barley too.

Not far away from the historic farm, just downriver a bit, Valley House Brewing is largely known as a beer producer. Entirely known as a beer producer, actually. The grain that Carnation Farms grew this winter was malted by the folks at Skagit Valley Malting and then put to use in a beer at Valley House Brewing.

valley house brewing spring lager

Valley House Brewing is currently open for takeout only, 4-8pm daily. To place an order call (425) 318-6363, or come by and order to-go. We are happy to bring your order to your car, just let us know if that’s your preference.

Here is the release announcement

4.8% ABV | 14 IBU

This fresh Spring Lager is as refreshing as spring rain and as bright as spring sunshine.

The grain was grown right down the road Carnation Farms, which has dedicated 20 acres of underutilized farmland to launch a thriving King County grain economy (learn more at We were thrilled when we learned of this initiative, and are so excited to have the first batch of Talisman Winter Barley as the base of this beer.

As with all our grain, Skagit Valley Malting, did the malting. We had them do a custom malt for us, half into a Pilsner and half into a Munich malt. In the current times we are in, new beginnings, such as this grain program at Carnation Farms, are cheerful reminders of how special this area is. Back in the day, it was noted that Carnation Milk came from contented cows. Well, we believe this grain comes from the same thoughtful treatment as those cows, so we named this Spring Lager, ‘From Contented Grains’. Enjoy!