Tom Douglas and freshly butchered leg of lamb.

A Viking Feast at Dahlia Lounge, with Odin Brewing

Last month Tom Douglas finally got his just deserts when the James Beard Foundation awarded him the title Outstanding Restaurateur (read about it).  After four unfruitful nominations, Douglas finally received this prestigious award. Although the award was inevitable, I half-jokingly attribute it to the fact that Tom Douglas Restaurants finally opened a beer-focused restaurant: Brave Horse Tavern. The restaurant gods talked to the beer gods and decided it was time.

Today we announce that Douglas’ Dahlia Lounge is stepping into the world of beer and food pairing. This is a big deal because Dahlia Lounge is regarded as one Seattle’s top dining destinations.  Upscale food deserves upscale beer. On Tuesday, June 26, Dahlia Lounge presents a very special beer dinner featuring Odin Brewing. It is sure to sell out. Do not delay.

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“A true Viking feast, celebrating Odin Brewing”


1.        Kolsch paired with Yukon river salmon, roe, spent grain toast, smoked salt.

2.       Viking gold paired with rye berry salad, goat’s milk curd, foraged greens.

3.       Odin’s Gift paired with salt roasted leg of lamb, wild mushroom and juniper.

4.       Thor’s Equinox paired with hazelnut cake, buttermilk, local berries.

Tom Douglas and freshly butchered leg of lamb.


  1. Hey Kim and Kendall! Well, you beat me to it. I was going to send info regarding this event to you today… Please note that the fourth course is actually pairing with our BOURBON-AGED thor’s equinox. There will only be 5 or so sixth barrels going around town and this is one of them. It is rediculously delicious. Oh and that cake is made with this beer…droooooll. Thanks for posting!

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