A Visit to BC, eh?

(Tues. May, 26) Your humble Beer Bloggers are taking a short break from Washington beer and have wandered up to Whistler, BC. Currently we are at the Whistler Brewhouse — Whistler’s lone brewery. They have a red ale that is acceptable, a pale ale that does not completely suck, a hefe that we actually like, and an IPA that exceded our expectations. For being so far away from home (where great beer springs eternal) we won’t complain about the beer.

We’ll be heading east from here, into the depths of the Canadian wilderness (Surrey, Abbotsford, Penticton, etc). We will be sure to let you know if we find any beer along the way that reminds us of home. Don’t hold your breath.

All kidding aside, we love our canucknucklehead brothers and sisters. Cheers from the Great White North!

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