Want to buy a brewery and get out of the city?


Ever dream of moving away from the hustle and bustle of the city and retreating to a simpler, slower life? Ever dream of owning a brewery? Who hasn’t, right? Well, we just heard about a brewery and pub that’s for sale in the town of Dayton, Washington.

Located about 30 minutes outside of Walla Walla, Chief Spring’s Fire and Irons Brew Pub is now for sale. The town of Dayton has approximately 2,500 residents and serves the surrounding farming community. Can you imagine how quiet the nights are out there? Can you envision what rush hour traffic looks like in Dayton, Washington?

This is a turn-key operation. Pizza pub and brewery. They brewing system is 3.5-barrels. The listing actually includes two properties. Here is a link to the real estate listing so you can see all the details. The listing includes lot of photos.


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