Reuben's Brews invites public to help formulate recipe in a new beer.

Want to help brew a beer at Reuben’s Brews? Here’s your chance


Ever since you-know-what turned our world on its head, we’ve lived in a sort of virtual reality. Happy hour with friends via Zoom is the best example. Well, Reuben’s Brews is inviting you to participate in the brewing of the next beer in the uber-popular Crush series, virtually.

It all goes down tomorrow (Tues. April 28) when you will have an opportunity to help formulate the recipe. Visit Reuben’s Brews on Instagram tomorrow morning to find out about the six different hops available for the dry-hopping portion of the recipe. In this kind of beer, the hops are a really important part of the recipe and you get to help make the decision. You’ll have until Sunday, May 2nd to chime in. After that, all you need to do is wait for the beer to get brewed and released, then taste the final product.

Here’s the announcement from the brewery.

Want to help brew a Reuben’s beer?

On Tuesday morning we are brewing VIRTUAL CRUSH, the latest beer in our Reuben’s Crush series of hazy IPAs and the first to have the dry hop blend completely decided by you, virtually!

With the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has become virtual. In-person meetings are now on Zoom. A drink with friends is now a virtual happy hour. Poker with friends is now played online. We thought it would be fun to take recipe development into this brave, new virtual world, and ask you all to help brew this new beer. We want you to decide which hops we’ll dry hop Virtual Crush with!

We’ve got six hops available to dry hop Virtual Crush with, which we will announce on Tuesday when we brew the beer. You’ll have to visit Reuben’s Instagram in the morning to see the list and vote!

On Sunday, May 2nd we’ll tally the public vote and make a final blend, which will be added as a dry hop to Virtual Crush on Monday, May 3rd, when we’ll publicly announce the winning blend. Expect to see Virtual Crush release in cans the week of May 18th.