Washington Beer Awards – Medal Winners Announced

On Saturday, June 15, the winners of the inaugural Washington Beer Awards were announced at the Washington Brewers Festival. We were there when the winners were announced and did our best to congratulate everyone in person. If we missed you, congratulations! Below you will find the complete list of winners. Also, I offer some highlights and some observations about the award winners. And we have pictures.

But first, understand the competition. From the Washington Beer Awards website: “Over 400 beers were entered in the competition by nearly 70 Washington breweries.  All of the beers submitted must have been both brewed and made commercially available in the state of Washington.  The entries were evaluated in a blind format using the Brewers Association Style Guidelines by panels of trained beer judges who awarded Gold, Silver, and Bronze placements for each category grouping.”

Big winners and notable stuff:

  • Drum roll please… The winner of the Gold medal in the IPA category was Old School House Brewery’s Ruud Awakening IPA. The silver medal went to Elysian Brewing’s Space Dust IPA and the bronze went to Ice Harbor Brewing IPA.
  • Imperial/Double IPA: Gold medal Kulshan Brewing’s Double Brother, Silver medal  Reuben’s Brews Imperial Rye IPA, and bronze medal Old Schoolhouse Brewery’s Imperial IPA.
  • I don’t think anyone was surprised that Chuckanut won four medals. Winning medals is what they do. They actually brought home gold and silver in the Pale Lager category (Helles and Pilsner).
  • Other four-medal winners included Big Al Brewing, Old Schoolhouse Brewery, Elysian Brewing, Ice Harbor Brewing, and Icicle Brewing,
  • Black Raven brought home five medals and was named Best Large Brewery of the Year.
  • Old Schoolhouse Brewery brought home four medals and was named Best Small Brewery of the Year.
  • Reuben’s Brews, which has been open less than a year, also brought home five medals.
  • See the complete list of winners here.



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List of Winners

Pale Lagers

Gold: Chuckanut Brewery – Chuckanut Helles

Silver: Chuckanut Brewery – Chuckanut Pilsner

Bronze: Elysian Brewing Company – Capitol Hill – Hombre

Amber & Dark Lagers

Gold: Golden Hills Brewing Co. – Lizzy’s Lager

Silver: Redhook – No Equal

Bronze: Chuckanut Brewery – Chuckanut Dunkel

Strong Lagers

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company – Bavarian Cowboy (a collaboration beer made with Old Schoolhouse Brewery)

Silver: Fish Brewing Company – Leavenworth Navigator Dopplebock

Bronze: Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Tacoma) – Maibock

Hybrid Ales/Lagers

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company – Khaos Kolsch

Silver: White Bluffs Brewing – Red Alt

Bronze: Reuben’s Brews – Balsch

Wheat/Rye Beers

Gold: Fremont Brewing Company – Wandering Wheat

Silver: Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Tacoma) – Big Horn Hefeweizen

Bronze: Anacortes Brewery – Anacortes Hefeweizen

Golden or Blonde Ale

Gold: Laht Neppur Brewing Co. – Backseat Blonde

Silver: Chuckanut Brewery – Chuckanut Golden Ale

Bronze: Valholl Brewing Company  – Valholl Golden Ale

English Ales

Gold: Flyers Restaurant And Brewery – Barnstormer Brown Ale

Silver: Elysian Brewing Company – Georgetown – Men’s Room Original Red

Bronze: Bainbridge Island Brewing – Port Blakely Brown Ale

Scottish & Irish Ales

Gold: Silver City Brewery – Fat Scotch Ale

Silver: Rock Bottom Bellevue – Wicked Observer

Bronze: Big Al Brewing – Irish Red

Brown Porters

Gold: Kulshan Brewing Co. – Trans-Porter

Silver: Harmon Brewing Company – Puget Sound Porter

Bronze: Two Beers Brewing Co. – SoDo Brown

Robust Porters

Gold: Republic Brewing Company – Big Mischief Porter

Silver: Reuben’s Brews – Robust Porter

Bronze: Icicle Brewing Company – Priebe Porter


Gold: Pike Brewing Company – Pike XXXXX Stout

Silver: Old Schoolhouse Brewery – Hooligan Stout

Bronze: Ice Harbor Brewing – Ice Harbor Sternwheeler Stout

American-Style Imperial Stout

Gold: Black Raven Brewing Company – Grandfather Raven

Silver: Airways Brewing Company – Final Departure

Bronze: Old Schoolhouse Brewery – Imperial Stout

American-Style Pale Ale

Gold: Boundary Bay Brewery – Amarillo Single Hop Pale Ale

Silver: Black Raven Brewing Company – Nothing But Flowers

Bronze: Fremont Brewing Company – Universale Pale Ale

Other Pale Ales

Gold: Reuben’s Brews – Belgian Imperial Rye IPA

Silver: Rainy Daze Brewing Co. – Belgian Bastard

Bronze: Bellevue Brewing Company – Bellevue Brewing Big Rye Pale Ale

American Amber Ales

Gold: Fish Brewing Company – Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale

Silver: Elliott Bay Brewing Co – Lake City – Gateway Amber Ale

Bronze: Ice Harbor Brewing – Ice Harbor Runaway Red Ale

American Brown & Black Ales

Gold: Pike Brewing Company – Pike Octopus Ink

Silver: Reuben’s Brews – American Brown

Bronze: Big Al Brewing – Hop Villain

American India Pale Ales

Gold: Old Schoolhouse Brewery – Ruud Awakening IPA

Silver: Elysian Brewing Company – Georgetown – Space Dust IPA

Bronze: Ice Harbor Brewing – Ice Harbor IPA

Imperial or Double India Pale Ale

Gold: Kulshan Brewing Co. – Double Brother

Silver: Reuben’s Brews – Imperial Rye IPA

Bronze: Old Schoolhouse Brewery – Imperial IPA

Strong Ales

Gold: American Brewing Company – Power Play

Silver: Fish Brewing Company – Fish Tale 10 Squared Barley Wine

Bronze: Scuttlebutt Brewing Company – Old #1 2009

Belgian & French Ales

Gold: Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Northgate) – BPA

Silver: Two Beers Brewing Co. – Crooked Belgian Wit

Bronze: E9 Brewery – E9 Belgian White

Belgian Strong Ales

Gold: Sound Brewery – Dubbel Entendre

Silver: Silver City Brewery – Silver City Tripel

Bronze: Dick’s Brewing Co. – Dick’s Grand Cru

Sour Beers

Gold: Big Al Brewing – NW By SE

Silver: Big Al Brewing – Jupiter’s Blood

Bronze: American Brewing Company – Stupid Sexy Flanders

Fruit Beers

Gold: Loowit Brewing Company – Vandalia Summer Ale

Silver: Ice Harbor Brewing – Ice Harbor Tangerine “ExBEERience” Hefeweizen

Bronze: Elysian Brewing Company – Georgetown – Superfuzz

Spice, Herb, & Vegetable Beers

Gold: Icicle Brewing Company – Real Snow

Silver: DUO Brewing – Twin Ports Coffee Porter

Bronze: Redhook – Wise Cracker Wit

Wood Aged Beers

Gold: Fremont Brewing Company – Bourbon Abominable Winter Ale

Silver: Northwest Brewing Company – Bourbon Imperial Oatmeal Stout

Bronze: Black Raven Brewing Company – Great Grandfather Raven

Specialty Beers

Gold: Elliott Bay Brewing Co – West Seattle – Fauntleroy Imperial Stout

Silver: Black Raven Brewing Company – Feral Saison

Bronze: Black Raven Brewing Company – Possum Claus

Best Washington Agricultural Product Inspired Beer (Sponsored by Washington Farmers Markets):

Two Beers Brewing Company – Pumpkin Spice

Small Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Washington Hop Growers):

Old Schoolhouse Brewery

Large Brewery of the Year (Sponsored by Briess Malt and Ingredients):

Black Raven Brewing Company



  1. One industry insider told me that this was a very impressive competition, held to very high standards of judging similar to GABF.

    Kudos to the Washington Beer Commission for undertaking this awards program, and for managing it in such an outstanding way. Since so few of our beers make it outside the state for consumption or contests, this gives an opportunity for even the smallest of our Washington breweries to be recognized.

  2. Another industry insider told me that this was a particularly meaningful award because the beers had to be “brewed and made commercially available in the state of Washington.” Some competitions allow breweries to submit beers that are one-off, small-batch beers, including beers brewed specifically for the competition that are sometimes not really even available for public consumption. So what’s the point of that? It sure seems the Washington Beer Commission and Specialty Competitions did everything right.

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