The Washington Beer Blog hits the road

Your friendly Washington Beer Bloggers are about to head out on a two week adventure–a roadtrip, campout, and trek for warmth and sunshine. Likely we’ll point the Washington Beer Cruiser south, but we’ll see. We know this, we will be in Denver for the Great American Beer Festival (Sept 16-18). The blog will not be going completely dark, but we may not be as responsive or timely as you would normally expect.

Likely, we’ll chime in from time to time, but we plan to find ourselves in remote locations that have not yet been entangled by the Interwebs. Although that might sound a bit frightening, one must remember that Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road and discovered the wondrous treasures of China and Mongolia without the benefit of a GPS or a high-speed Internet connection. Who knows? Maybe we’ll stumble upon Kubla Khan. Hmmm. Or maybe Fal Allen (same dude, different name).

Stay tuned.

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