Washington Beer Drinkers – A Call to Action

A bill sponsored by Rep. Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle, would allow the Legislative Gift Center in Olympia’s Capitol building to begin displaying and selling Washington wine. The bill does not include Washington beer. HB 1415 passed the house on March 12. Currently, the bill is before the Senate Rules Committee.

The Washington Brewers Guild rightly wants the bill amended to include the sale of Washington beer in the Legislative Gift Center. It is easy for you to help. See below. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is important that our representatives in Olympia stop ignoring Washington’s beer industry and beer lovers. While the Washington wine industry is embraced, the Washington beer industry is too often ignored. The fact that Rep. Hasegawa would not think to include Washington beer in his original bill is proof. I am sure it was not intentional, but it is a ridiculous and unfortunately common oversight.

Click here to find your congressional representatives and send a message. It is easy. You just fill out a form and click Submit. All you really need to do is tell them that you want HB 1415 amended to include the sale of Washington Beer in the Gift Center.

Here is the brief text I sent to my congressional representatives:

HB 1415 should be amended to include the sale of Washington beer in the Legislative Gift Center. Obviously, limiting this bill to include only Washington wine was an oversight. Craft beer is an important and growing industry in Washington. Having received global recognition as some of the finest beer in the world, Washington beer deserves greater consideration from the Washington legislature.


  1. I already posted a copy of my letter to the senators as well as a link to the original document, an rss feed, and the website.

    Thanks for post this …


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