Washington Beer is On Top of the World

The Columbia Tower Club is located high atop the Columbia Tower in downtown Seattle. It’s a private club, reserved for members and private events. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to visit the Tower Club, you know that it is spectacular. The view from the 76th floor isn’t bad either. In downtown Seattle, it is pretty much the top of the world. The Tower Club recently made an uncommon commitment to Washington beer that I want to tell you about.

Colin Jensen, the bar manager at the Tower Club, recently approached me with an idea. The bar was going to install a reach-in refrigerator with a glass door and fill it with 22-ounce bottles of beer. The plan was to allow customers to pick their own bottle of beer. Think of it as a visual, hands-on menu.

Colin explained that they were going to fill the refrigerator with Washington-brewed beers and he wanted me to assemble a list of what I deemed to be Washington’s best. I was more than happy to help. Ya, I’m kind of proud that they asked me. I’m also pretty proud that a landmark location like the Columbia Tower has made this kind of commitment to local beer. Cheers to that.

I gave them quite a long list knowing that availability might be an issue. Don’t forget that these must be available in 22-ounce bottles. My list is nothing but one man’s opinion (mine). I don’t want to share the complete list because I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or earn anyone’s ire. Here is what has made it in the cooler so far:

American Breakaway IPA
Diamond Knot Brown Ale
Elysian Immortal IPA
Fish (reel) Starfish Red Ale
Fish (reel) Swordfish Dark Ale
Fremont Abominable
Fremont Universale Pale
Leavenworth Black Lager
Pike Space Needle IPA
Pike Tandem
Scuttlebutt 10 Below
Silver City Panther Lake Porter
Snoqualmie Falls Schooner Zodiac Kolsch
Snoqualmie Falls Wildcat IPA



  1. Not to nitpick – because this is really cool (good going, Kendall!) – but isn’t that Avery Hog Heaven Barleywine on the left of the middle shelf? Perhaps it wasn’t exclusively Washington State? Again, either way, very cool!

  2. Avery Brewing is not local. I failed to put a Barleywine on my list (intentionally). I am guessing that a distributor saw my omission as an opportunity to sneak in an out-of-state beer, as they are wont to do. I am really impressed that both of you looked so closely with such a critical eye. Recognizing that the Tower Club is probably not frequented by too many hardcore beer geeks, I didn’t think Barleywine would be very popular and I opted to include beers and beer styles that I thought would move better.

  3. Sneaky distros! (I would rather see a sneaky Destro, but oh well.)

    Thanks for satiating my curiosity on this, Kendall. I hope you have some good pints this weekend.

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