Washington beer scene loses a good friend: Gordon Legg

This past weekend the Washington craft beer scene lost a good friend. Yesterday we received word of Gordon Legg’s passing. Gordy was an insurance agent and a homebrewer who played an instrumental role in the development of the craft beer industry. Our condolences go out to his family and his friends.

Janelle Pritchard, Head Brewer at Trade Route Brewing, sent us the following message:

I am sad to announce that Gordon Legg passed away this week after a long battle with cancer. Gordy was known to many of us brewers as the insurance agent who pushed CNA to begin underwriting microbreweries back in the late 80’s when no one else understood the business. He was also an avid homebrewer and beer lover who coordinated the World Beer Cup 2006 in Seattle. He will be sorely missed by our community. No information yet on a memorial service.

On a professional level, Gordon Legg helped convince CNA to begin underwriting insurance policies for microbreweries. (CNA is a big financial services company that has a commercial insurance arm.) It hasn’t always been easy for craft brewers to insure their businesses. According to a CBS Money Watch story published nearly 15 years ago, “In the craft brewing industry, there are two distinct types of risks–the microbrewery and the brew pub. This market offers some unique exposures that have kept many companies from providing coverage. However, one company—CNA—recognized the potential represented by this growing business and was willing to develop underwriting criteria that fit the needs of this market.”

Gordon Legg helped CNA recognize and understand the potential represented by the craft brewing industry. For that, we thank him. Cheers to Gordy!

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