Washington brewers bring home medals from World Beer Cup


The results of the 2018 World Beer Cup were just announced. Dubbed the most prestigious beer competition in the world, this year the WBC evaluated over 8,000 beers in 101 beer style categories. Not just American breweries, but breweries from around the world enter this competition. This is serious business. These awards are hard to get and highly coveted. Pictured above: Silver City Brewery’s Director of Operations Gary Winn and Brewmaster Don Spencer hoist the Gold award for Wonderland Winter Lager.

As for Washington, our local brewers brought home 10 medals this year (listed below). For complete results, visit the WBC website. Of the Washington winners, Chuckanut Brewery brought home two gold medals because, you know, they’re Chuckanut. It’s what they do.

Of Washington’s 10 medals, four of them were awarded to Bellingham breweries. That’s damn impressive. (Yes, Chuckanut also brews at the South Nut in Burlington, but I still think of them as a Bellingham brewery.)

World Beer Cup Info:

Beers were judged during six sessions over a period of three days by an elite panel of 295 judges from 33 countries—72 percent of whom were from outside the United States. Judges evaluated 8,234 beers—a 25 percent increase in the number of entries from the 2016 World Beer Cup. Of the 2,515 participating breweries, 807 were from outside the United States.

Out of a possible 303 awards in 101 beer style categories, 302 were awarded. One gold award was not given in Category 36, International-Style Pilsener.

Average number of beers entered per category: 82 (a 13 percent increase from 2016)

Most-entered categories in 2018:

  • 377 entries in Category 93, American-Style India Pale Ale
  • 196 entries in Category 94, Imperial India Pale Ale
  • 196 entries in Category 28, Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer
  • 190 entries in Category 29, Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout
  • Number of countries represented: 66 (a 20 percent increase from 2016)

Countries with the most awards:

  • United States: 242
  • Canada: 14
  • Germany: 9

Country with the highest winning rate: Belgium (10 percent)

Panama won its first-ever World Beer Cup award. All other award-winning countries were previous winners.

Washington Winners:

Medal, Beer Name, Brewery Name — Style Category

  • Bronze, Old Bounder, Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro — Barley Wine-Style Ale
  • Gold, Chuckanut Pilsner, Chuckanut Brewery — Bohemian-Style Pilsener
  • Bronze, Fresh Frozen, Cloudburst Brewing — Fresh or Wet Hop Ale
  • Gold, Gusto Crema, Georgetown Brewing Co. — Coffee Beer
  • Bronze, Černé, Chainline Brewing Co. — Dark Lager
  • Silver, Born & Raised, No-Li Brewhouse — Double Red Ale
  • Gold, Wonderland, Silver City Brewery — German-Style Bock or Maibock
  • Gold, Chuckanut Kolsch Style, Chuckanut Brewery — German-Style Koelsch
  • Gold, Frances Farmer, Aslan Brewing Co. — Specialty Saison
  • Silver, Starway Stout, Barrel Mount Brewing. — Export Stout




  1. I was lucky enough to have Chuckanut Brewery & Kitchen Pilsner yesterday, I loved it and the judges are right. I am so lucky to live so close to award winning brewers.

  2. Did Loowit not enter anything this year? Everything I’ve had from them easily on-par with all of these other names listed.

    1. No they did not enter. In comment below, I’ve now included the list of USA breweries that did enter. As you will see, the breweries that did win beat out a lot of great competition.

  3. My problem with these medals is the graft required to be in contention. From the stats listed above, most breweries do not participate. The price is just to high.

    1. Precisely why we don’t enter the WBC or the GABF.

      The cost and hassle far outweighs any supposed benefit of winning. If, in a 1:350+ chance my IPA won, and some distributor in Vermont calls wanting it, well, sorry, I guess? Or I get silver between a beer from Florida and a beer from New Zealand…Cool, I’ll never get to try the beers that bracketed me. The average customer doesn’t know the GABF from Everybody Gets A Medal Day anyhow, so what exactly, besides ego, do we gain? As Ann T Ovenfresh reminds us in the Simpsons “Ribbons and Trophies are no comfort on your deathbed.”

      We do enter the WA Beer Awards because it’s much more affordable, well run, and only WA beers. So if someone we like wins we can cheer them on in person, and if we beat a friend’s brewery it’s a fun chance to razz them a bit. Plus, from a sales perspective, people locally respond better to “Washington” than “Great American”.

      So I take all that entrance and shipping money, which in a WBC year could be $1500 or more, put it in a mental ‘nice toys’ account, and use it to buy expensive things for the brewery. Things that aren’t vitally essential, but would help us make even better beer or have an easier time doing it. This year it’s going towards some new hoses and a digital refractometer. Sweeeeet….

      1. I completely understand your line of thinking, but I don’t disparage those who do enter their beers. I suppose every time I post about awards like this I should include the caveat “not everyone enters beer in these competitions” in case someone assumes this to be a judging of beers from all 6,000 of America’s breweries.

        1. I mean, if people want to and can enter then cool, go for it, congrats if you win! I do think that the outside perception is Everybody Enters, and when people bemoan that WA “only won four awards this year!” each and every year I always really want to know how many breweries actually entered and how many beers they entered… Maybe our percentage win is much higher overall?

          Honestly the GABF has become so ungainly, it’s time for regional runoffs. There were nearly 8000 entries in 2017… Can anyone truly say the top 3 IPAs were markedly better than the next dozen or two down the list? Make the 1st round entries cheaper, divide up the country into four or six or whatever regions, then have the GABF be the actual best of the best. Don’t win there, you get the equivalent of “AL West Champions 2018” which is still cool. More work for the BA sure, but if I remember last year’s stewardship report correctly they netted two million, even after increasing their own payroll by one million… Seems like something they could handle.

          1. As someone who’s done plenty of beer judging, been on plenty of judging panels, I always wonder if the results would be the same if we sat down and did it all again tomorrow. It is what it is, and that is a subjective judging of beer. Even though BJCP provides guidelines and such, it still comes down to individuals’ opinions. In the end, beer is a subjective endeavor. Like I said, in the future I really will make effort to drive home the point that not everyone enters beer and that these things are not definitive. They are what they are: 1) a subjective judging of the beers on the table and 2) not all of the beers were on the table.

      2. Brewer’s Association 2016 Financials
        Source: IRS Form 990, a 501 (c) (6) tax exempt organization.

        Net Income to Retained Earnings $4.0 M. $4.6 M in 2015, $4.2 M in 2014.

        Nice profit for a tax exempt. Most of this comes from the beer fests they run. I call it graft – you can call it what you want.

  4. I don’t think the word “graft” applies. Yes there is an expense to enter your beer in these competitions. There is also an expense to create a memorable label. There is an expense to hosting a brewers night at the local pub or participating in a beer festival. It’s not at all like anyone is paying their way into winning a medal. Apparently a lot of breweries (big and small) can afford to enter. Here is the list of USA breweries that entered this year.

    (512) Brewing Company
    10 Barrel Brewing Co – Bend
    10 Barrel Brewing Co – Bend Pub
    10 Barrel Brewing Co – San Diego
    10 Barrel Brewing Co. – Boise
    10 Barrel Brewing Company – Denver
    10 Barrel Brewing Portland
    12Degree Brewing
    12west Brewing
    14 Cannons Brewing Company
    14er Brewing Company
    14th Star Brewing Company
    1840 Brewing Company
    1940’s Brewing Company
    21st Amendment Brewery
    21st Amendment Brewery Cafe
    23rd Street Brewery
    26 Degree Brewing Company
    2nd Story Brewing Company
    2nd Street Brewery
    2SP Brewing Company
    3 Floyds Brewing Co
    3 Keys Brewing
    300 Suns Brewing Company
    38 State Brewing
    4 Hands Brewing Company
    4 Noses Brewing Company
    42 North Brewing Company
    450 North Brewing Co.
    49th State Brewing Co – Anchorage
    49th State Brewing Co – Denali National Park
    5 Stones Artisan Brewery
    515 Brewing
    54-40 Brewing Company
    6 Bears & A Goat Brewing Company
    7 Hills Brewing Co.
    7 Mile Brewery
    7venth Sun Brewery
    8 Bit Brewing Company
    8th Wonder Brewery
    903 Brewers
    Aardwolf Brewing Company
    Abbey Brewing Company
    Able Seedhouse and Brewery
    Abnormal Beer Co.
    AC Golden Brewing Company
    Accomplice Beer Company
    Acopon Brewing Co
    Adelbert’s Brewery
    Adirondack Pub & Brewery
    Aeronaut Brewing Co.
    Against the Grain Brewery
    Ahnapee Brewery
    Alameda Brewing Co.
    Alarmist Brewing
    Alaskan Brewing Co.
    Aldus Brewing Co.
    Ale Asylum
    AleSmith Brewing Co
    Alesong Brewery and Tasting Rooom
    Alesong Brewing and Blending
    Alewerks Brewing Company
    Alibi Ale Works
    Allagash Brewing Company
    Allegory Brewing
    Alliance Brewing Co
    Alligator Brewing Co
    Alltech Lexington Brewing
    Almanac Beer Company
    Alosta Brewing Co.
    Alpine Beer Company
    ALT Brew / Greenview Brewing LLC
    Alter Brewing Company
    Altitude Chophouse and Brewery
    Altmeyer and Lewis Brewing Company
    Altstadt Brewery
    Alvarado Street Brewery
    Alvarado Street Brewery & Grill
    American Harvest Brewpub at Schoolcraft College
    American Icon Brewery
    Amplified Ale Works
    Amplified Ale Works Miramar Studio
    Anaheim Brewery
    Ancestry Brewing
    Anchor Brewing
    Anderson Valley Brewing Co
    Angel City Brewery
    Angry Chair Brewing
    Angry Scotsman Brewing
    Anheuser-Busch InBev
    Anthem Brewing Co
    Apocalypse Ale Works
    Appalachian Mountain Brewery – Boone
    Appalachian Mountain Brewery – Portsmouth
    Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery
    Arch Rock Brewing Company
    Archetype Brewing Company
    Ardent Craft Ales
    Argus Brewery
    Armada Brewing
    Armadillo Ale Works
    Around the Bend Beer Co.
    Artifex Brewing Company
    Arts District Brewing Company
    Asheville Brewing Co.
    Aslan Brewing Company
    Ass Clown Brewing Company
    Aston Abbey Brewing Company
    Asylum Brewing
    Atlas Brew Works
    Atwater Brewing Co
    Auburn Alehouse
    August Schell Brewing Co
    Austin Beerworks
    Avery Brewing Co.
    Axle Brewing Co. Livernois Tap
    Baa Baa Brewhouse
    Babe’s Bar-B-Que and Brewhouse
    Back Channel Brewing
    Back East Brewing LLC
    Back Pedal Brewing
    Back Street Brewery & Tasting Room
    Backpocket Brewing, LLC
    Bad Lab Beer Co.
    Bad Weather Brewing LLC
    Baderbrau Brewing Co
    Badger State Brewing Company
    BADSONS Beer co
    Baere Brewing Company
    Bagby Beer Company
    BAKFISH Brewing Company
    Bald Man Brewing
    Ballad Brewing
    Ballast Point Brewing Co / Daleville
    Ballast Point Brewing Co / Home Brew Mart
    Ballast Point Brewing Co / Long Beach
    Ballast Point Brewing Co / Scripps Ranch
    Ballast Point Brewing Co / Trade Street
    Ballast Point Brewing Company
    Ballast Point Tasting Room & Kitchen
    Banded Oak Brewing Company
    Bandon Brewing Company
    Bankhead Brewing Co.
    Bare Arms Brewing
    Barley Brown’s Beer (Production Brewery)
    Barley Brown’s Brew Pub
    Barley Creek Brewing Co
    Barley Forge Brewing Co.
    Barley Lodge Brewing, LLC dba Arrow Lodge Brewing
    Barnhouse Brewery
    Barrage Brewing Company LLC
    Barrel Head Brewhouse
    Barrel Mountain Brewing
    Barrel Oak Farm Taphouse
    Barrel of Monks Brewing
    Barrels & Bottles Brewery
    Barrio Brewing Company
    Base Camp Brewing Co
    Bastone Brewery
    Batch Brewing Company
    BattleMage Brewing Company
    Bauhaus Brew Labs
    Bay City Brewing Co.
    Beachwood BBQ & Brewing
    Beachwood Blendery
    Beachwood Brewing
    Bear Republic Brewing Company
    Bear Republic Brewing Company Factory Five
    Bear Republic Brewing Company Lakeside
    BearWaters Brewing Company
    Beaver Island Brewing Company
    Beaver St. Brewery
    Belching Beaver Brewery
    Belching Beaver Brewery Tavern & Grill
    Belching Beaver Brewery Vista
    Bell’s Brewery Inc. -Production
    Bell’s Brewery Inc.-Eccentric Cafe Brewpub
    Bellefonte Brewing Co
    Bemidji Brewing Company
    Benchmark Brewing Company
    Benchtop Brewing Company
    Bend Brewing Company
    Benoit-Casper Brewing
    Bent Paddle Brewing Company
    Bent River Brewing Co
    Bent Water Brewing Company
    Bentonville Brewing Company
    Berryessa Brewing Co
    Bhramari Brewing Company
    Bier Brewery and Taproom
    Bierstadt Lagerhaus
    Big Axe Brewing Company LLC
    Big Beach Brewing Company
    Big Bend Brewing Company
    Big Ditch Brewing Company LLC
    Big Dog’s Brewing Co
    Big Grove Brewery
    Big Hart Brewing Co
    Big Hole Brewery
    Big Island Brewhaus
    Big Lug Canteen
    Big Slide Brewery & Public House
    Big Storm Brewery
    Big Thompson Brewery
    Big Timber Brewing
    Big Top Brewing Company
    Big Ugly Brewing Company
    Bira 91
    Birds Fly South Ale Project
    Birdsong Brewing Co.
    Biscayne Bay Brewing Co
    Bitter Brothers Brewing Co.
    Bitter Sisters Brewing Company
    BJ’s Brewhouse- Boulder
    BJ’s Brewhouse- Brea
    BJ’s Brewhouse- Chandler
    BJ’s Brewhouse- Reno
    BJ’s Brewhouse- Temple
    BJ’s Brewhouse- West Covina
    Black Acre Brewing Company
    Black Bottle Brewery
    Black Cloister Brewing Co
    Black Hog Brewing Company
    Black Hoof Brewing
    Black Lotus Brewing Co
    Black Market Brewing Co.
    Black Project Spontaneous & Wild Ales
    Black Raven Brewing Co
    Black Tooth Brewing Co
    Blackadder Brewing Company
    Blackberry Farm Brewery
    Blackfoot River Brewing Co
    Blackhorse Pub and Brewery
    Blacklist Artisan Ales
    Blackstone Brewing Co
    Blind Owl Brewery
    Blind Tiger Brewery & Restaurant
    Block 15 Brewing
    Blue Blaze Brewing
    Blue Corn Brewery
    Blue Earl Brewing Co.
    Blue Island Beer Co
    Blue Moon Brewery
    Blue Mountain Barrel House and Organic Brewery
    Blue Mountain Brewery
    Blue Point Brewing Co
    Blueprint Brewing Co.
    BNS Brewing & Distilling Co.
    Boise Brewing
    Bolt Brewery
    Bombshell Beer Company
    Bond Brothers Beer Company
    Bone Hook Brewing Company
    Boneyard Beer – Brew 1
    Boneyard Beer – Brew 2
    Bonfire Brewing
    Bonn Place Brewing
    Boomtown Brewery
    Boondocks Brewing
    Booneshine Brewing Company, Inc.
    Bootlegger’s Brewery
    Bootstrap Brewing
    Boscos Restaurant and Brewing Company
    Bosque Brewing Company
    Boss Dog Brewing
    Boston Beer Co
    Boston Beer Co – DBA Samuel Adams Brewing Co
    Bottle Logic Brewing
    Boulder Beer Co
    Boulevard Brewing Company
    Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro
    Bousa Brewing Company
    Bow and Arrow Brewing Co.
    Boxing Bear Brewing Co.
    Brasserie Saint James
    Bravery Brewing
    Braxton Brewing Company
    Braxton Labs
    Brazos Valley Brewing Company
    Breakside Brewery
    Breakside Brewery + Beer Hall
    Breakside Brewery + Taproom
    Breckenridge Brew Pub
    Brew Brothers
    Brew Bus Brewing
    Brew Detroit
    BrewDog Brewing Company USA
    Brewery at Simmzys Burbank
    Brewery at the CIA
    Brewery Legitimus
    Brewery Ommegang
    Brewery Rex
    Brewery Twenty Five
    Brewery Vivant
    Brewyard Beer Company LLC
    Brice’s Brewing Company
    Brick and Barrel
    Brick Works Brewing and Eats
    Brickway Brewery and Distillery
    Brickyard Brewing Company
    BridgePort Brewing Company
    Bridger Brewing
    Brink Brewing Company
    Bristol Brewing Co
    Broad Ripple Brewing Co
    Broken Bow Brewery
    Broken Compass Brewing
    Broken Tooth Brewing
    Brooklyn Brewery
    Brown Iron Brewhouse
    Brown Truck Brewery
    Brown’s Brewing Company
    Bruery Terreux
    Bruery, The
    Bruz Beers
    BuckleDown Brewing
    Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.
    Bull & Bush Brewery
    Bull and Bones Brewhaus and Grill
    Bull Durham Beer Company
    Bull Falls Brewery, LLC
    Bull Island Brewing Company
    Buoy Beer Company
    Burgeon Beer Company
    Burning Beard Brewing
    Burnside Brewing Co
    Burnt City Brewing
    Butler Brew Works
    Button Brew House, LLC
    Byway Brewing Co.
    C.B. and Potts/Big Horn Brewery – Fort Collins
    Cabarrus Brewing Company
    Cahaba Brewing Company
    Caldera Brewing Company
    Call To Arms Brewing Company
    Calusa Brewing
    Cambridge Brewing Co
    Cannon Brewpub
    Cannonball Creek Brewing Co
    Canteen Brewhouse
    Canton Brew Works
    Canton Brewing Company
    Canyon Creek Brewing
    Canyon Lakes Golf Course and Brewery
    Cape May Brewing Company
    Cape May Brewing Company – Rio Grande
    Capital Brewery Co Inc
    Capitol Creek Brewery
    Captain Lawrence Brewing
    Carolina Bauernhaus Ales
    Carson’s Brewery
    Carver Brewing Co
    Casa Agria Speciatly Ales
    Casey Brewing and Blending
    Castle Rock Beer Company
    Castleburg Brewery and Taproom
    Catawba Brewing Co.
    CAUTION: Brewing Company
    Cavendish Brewing Company
    Cedar Creek Brewery
    Cedar Springs Brewing Company
    Cellador Ales
    Cellar West Artisan Ales
    Cellarmaker Brewing Company
    Center of the Universe Brewing Co
    Center of the Universe Origin
    Centerpoint Brewing
    Central Coast Brewing
    Central Standard Brewing
    Cerberus Brewing Company
    Cerebral Brewing
    Cervecera de Puerto Rico
    Chainline Brewing Company
    Champion Brewing Company
    Chandeleur Island Brewing Company
    Chapman Crafted Beer
    Cheluna Brewing Company
    Chetco Brewing Company
    Chicago Brewing Company
    Chilly Water Brewing Company
    Chimera Brewing Company
    Christian Moerlein Brewing Company
    Chuckanut Brewery
    Chula Vista Brewery
    Church Brew Works
    Church Street Brewing Company
    Cibolo Creek Brewing Co.
    Cigar City Brewing Co
    Cinder Block Brewery
    Circle Brewing Company
    City Star Brewing
    Claremont Craft Ales
    Cloudburst Brewing
    Coachella Valley Brewing Co
    Coal Creek Tap
    Cogstone Brewing Co.
    ColdFire Brewing
    College Street Brewhouse & Pub
    Collusion Tap Works
    Colorado Boy Pizzeria & Brewery
    Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery
    Columbia Craft Brewing Company
    Columbia River Brewing Co.
    Columbus Brewing Co
    Combustion Brewery & Taproom
    Common Roots Brewing Company
    Community Beer Co.
    Community Beer Works
    Compass Rose Brewery, LLC
    Comrade Brewing Company
    Concord Craft Brewing Company
    Concrete Beach Brewery
    Coney Island Beer
    Confluence Brewing Co
    Conshohocken Brewing – Bridgeport
    Conshohocken Brewing Co.
    Constellation Brands
    Conyngham Brewing Company
    COOP Ale Works
    Cooper River Brewing Company
    Cooperage Brewing Co.
    CooperSmiths Pub and Brewing
    Coors Brewing Company
    Copper Club Brewing Co
    Copper State Brewing Co
    Copper Trail Brewing Co
    Copperpoint Brewing Co.
    Coppertail Brewing Co.
    Coronado Brewing Co
    Coronado Brewing Co. – Production Facility
    Corralitos Brewing Company
    Corridor Brewery & Provisions
    Council Brewing Company
    Country Boy Brewing
    Court Avenue Brewing Co
    Craft Brewing Company
    CraftHaus Brewery
    Crank Arm Brewing Co.
    Creature Comforts Brewing Co.
    Creston Brewery
    Crestone Brewing Co
    Crooked Ewe Brewery & Ale House
    Crooked Eye Brewery
    Crooked Hammock Brewery
    Crooked Lane Brewing Co.
    Crooked Run Brewing
    Crooked Thumb Brewery
    Crossroads Brewing Company
    Crow Hop Brewing Co., Ltd.
    Crystal Lake Brewing Co.
    Crystal Springs Brewing Company
    Culmination Brewing Company
    Culture Brewing Co
    Culver Beer Company
    Currahee Brewing Company
    D9 Brewing Company
    Danville Brewing Company
    Daredevil Brewing Company
    Dark City Brewing Company
    Day Block Brewing Company
    Daytona Beach Brewing Company
    DC Brau Brewing Company
    Dead Oak Brewing Company
    Declaration Brewing Company
    Deep Brewing Company
    Deep Ellum Brewing Co
    Deep River Brewing Company
    Delafield Brewhaus
    Dempsey’s Restaurant And Brewery
    Denizens Brewing Company
    Denver Beer Co
    Denver Beer Co Canworks
    Denver Beer Co Olde Town Arvada
    Departed Soles Brewing
    Deschutes Brewery
    Desperate Times Brewing Co
    DESTIHL – Champaign
    DESTIHL – Normal
    DESTIHL Brewery
    Destin Brewery
    Destination Unknown Beer Company
    Devil’s Creek Brewery
    Devil’s Purse Brewing Company
    Devils Backbone Brewing Co – Basecamp
    Devils Backbone Brewing Company – Outpost
    Diamond Bear Brewing Co
    Diebolt Brewing Co.
    Dillon Dam Brewery
    Discretion Brewing
    District Chop House and Brewery
    Docent Brewing
    Dogfish Head Craft Brewery
    Dorcol Distilling and Brewing
    Double Barley Brewing
    Double Nickel Brewing Company
    Dovetail Brewery
    Down The Road Beer Co.
    Downhill Brewing
    Drafting Table Brewing Company
    Dragonmead Microbrewery
    Drake’s Brewing
    Draught Works Brewing
    Drop In Brewing
    Dru Bru
    Druthers Brewing Company
    Dry County Brewing Company
    Dry Dock Brewing Co – North Dock
    Dry Dock Brewing Co- South Dock
    DryHop Brewers
    Dubh Linn Brew Pub
    Duck Foot Brewing Co.
    Duck Rabbit Craft Brewery
    Due South Brewing Company
    Dunedin Brewery
    Durango Brewing Co
    Dust Bowl Brewing Co
    E9 Brewery LLC
    Eagle Creek Brewing Company
    Eagle Rock Brewery
    Earth Rider Brewing
    East Brother Beer Company
    Eastlake Craft Brewery
    Echo Brewing Cask and Barrel
    Echo Brewing Company
    Ecliptic Brewing
    Ecusta Brewing Company
    Eel River Brewing Co
    Elevation Beer Company
    Elevator Brewing Co
    Elk Horn Brewery
    Elliott Bay Brewing Company
    Ellison Brewery and Spirits LLC
    Elm City Brewing Company
    Eluvium Brewing Co.
    Elysian Brewing Co
    Emmett’s Brewing Co
    Emmett’s Brewing Co – Palatine
    Emmett’s Brewing Co. – Downers Grove
    Emmett’s Brewing Co. – Wheaton
    Empire Brewing Company
    Empirical Brewery
    Endo Brewing Company
    Enegren Brewing
    Engine 15 Brewing Co.
    Enlightened Brewing Company
    Epic Brewing Company
    Epicure Brewing
    Eppig Brewing
    Escape Brewing Company
    Escape Craft Brewery
    Escondido Brewing Company
    Ethereal Brewing
    Eureka Heights Brewing Company
    Euryale Brewing Co
    Everybody’s Brewing
    Evil Czech Brewery
    Evil Horse Brewing Co.
    evolution craft brewing
    Excelsior Brewing Company
    Exhibit ‘A’ Brewing Co.
    Faction Brewing Co
    Fair State Brewing Cooperative
    Fair Winds Brewing Co.
    Fall River Brewing Company
    Falling Sky Brewing
    Fanatic Brewing Company
    Fargo Brewing Company
    Farmstrong Brewing Co
    Farnam House Brewing Company
    Fat Bottom Brewing
    Fat Heads Brewery Middleburg Heghts
    Fat Heads Brewery North Olmsted
    Fat Heads North Canton
    FATE Brewing Company
    Feather Falls Brewing Co
    Federation Brewing
    Fegley’s Brew Works
    Fernson Brewing Company
    Fiction Beer Company
    Fieldwork Brewing Co
    Fifth Street Brewpub
    Fifty West Brewing Co
    FiftyFifty Brewing Co
    FiftyFifty Brewing Production Facility
    Figueroa Mountain Brewing
    Figueroa Mountain Brewing – Arroyo Grande
    Figueroa Mountain Brewing – Santa Barbara
    Figueroa Mountain Brewing – Westlake Village
    Figurehead Brewing Company
    Fine Creek Brewing Company
    Firefly Hollow Brewing Co
    Firestone Walker Barrelworks
    Firestone Walker Brewing Co
    Firestone Walker Propagator
    Firetrucker Brewery
    First Magnitude Brewing Company
    Fish Brewing Company
    Five & 20 Spirits and Brewing
    Five Boroughs Brewing Co.
    Flat 12 Bierwerks
    Flat Tail Brewing Co
    Flatland Brewing Company
    Fleur De Lis Brew Works
    Flix Brewhouse – Carmel
    Flix Brewhouse Des Moines
    Florida Avenue Brewing Co.
    Florida Beer Co.
    Flying Bison Brewing Co.
    Flying Fish Brewing Co
    Flying Lion Brewing
    Folklore Brewing & Meadery
    Foolproof Brewing Company
    Foothills Brewing
    Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing
    Fort George Brewery
    Fort Myers Brewing Company
    Fort Point Beer Company
    Fort Rock Brewing
    Fortnight Brewery
    Fossil Craft Beer Company
    Founders Brewing Co.
    Four Day Ray Brewing
    Four Peaks Brewery Wilson Street
    Four Peaks Brewing Co
    Four Seasons Brewing Company
    Four Sons Brewing
    Four Sons Brewing – Production
    Fox River Brewing Company
    Foxhole Brewhouse
    Frankenmuth Brewing Co.
    Franklin Street Brewing Company
    Freak’N Brewing Company
    Free Range Brewing
    Free Will Brewing Company
    Freetail Brewing Co.
    Fremont Brewing
    Fretboard Brewing Company
    Friends and Allies Brewing Company
    Front Range Brewing Company
    Front Street Brewery
    Frothy Beard Brewing Company
    Full Sail Brewing Co
    Fullsteam Brewery
    Fulton Brewing
    Funky Buddha Brewery
    Galena Brewing Co
    Galveston Island Brewing
    Garage Brewing Company
    Gate City Brewing Company
    Gathering Place Brewing Co
    Geaux Brewing
    Gella’s Diner & Liquid Bread Brewing Co
    Gemini Beer Company
    Genesee Brew House
    Genesee Brewing Company
    Georgetown Brewing Company
    Ghost River Brewing Co.
    Ghostfish Brewing Company
    Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company
    Giesenbräu Bier Co
    Gigantic Brewing Co
    Gino’s Brewing Company
    Gizmo Brew Works
    Glenmere Brewing Co, Inc
    Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co
    Gluek Beer
    Gnarly Barley Brewing
    Goat Patch Brewing Co
    Golden Block Brewery
    Golden Road Brewing
    Golden Road Brewing – Anaheim
    Golden State Brewery
    Golden Valley Brewery
    Goldspot Brewing Company
    Goldwater Brewing Co.
    Good City Brewing Co.
    GoodLife Brewing
    GoodWater Brewery
    Goodwood Brewing Co
    Goose Island Beer Co.
    Gordon Biersch Brewery -Seattle
    Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant – Navy Yard
    Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant – Rockville
    Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant – Tyson’s Corner
    Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Plano TX
    Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant, Syracuse NY
    Gordon Biersch Brewery- Broomfield
    Goshen Brewing Company
    Grainworks Brewing Company
    Grand Armory Brewing
    Grand Canyon Brewing Company
    Grand Junction Brewing Co
    Granite City Brewery
    Gravely Brewing
    Gravity Brewing
    Grayton Beer Company
    Great American Restaurants, Sweetwater Tavern
    Great Basin Brewing Co – Reno
    Great Basin Brewing Co. – Sparks
    Great Basin Brewing Company
    Great Central Brewing Company
    Great Dane Pub and Brewing Co – Downtown
    Great Lakes Brewing Co.
    Great Life Brewing Company
    Great North Aleworks
    Great Notion Brewing
    Great Raft Brewing
    Great South Bay Brewery
    Green Bay Brewing Company
    Green Bench Brewing Company
    Green Cheek Beer Company
    Green Flash Brewing Co
    Greenbush Brewing Co
    Greenport Harbor Brewing Company
    Griffin Claw Brewing Co
    Grimm Brothers Brewhouse
    Grist House Craft Brewery
    Grist Iron Brewing Co.
    Grixsen Brewing Co
    Grossen Bart Brewer
    Ground Breaker Brewing
    Groundswell Brewing Company
    Guadalupe Brewery
    Gull Dam Brewing Co
    Gun Hill Brewing Company
    Gunwhale Ales
    HailStorm Brewing Company
    Half Acre Beer Co
    Half Day Brewing Company
    Half Door Brewing
    Half Full Brewery
    Half Moon Bay Brewing Company
    Halfpenny Brewing Company
    Hamilton Family Brewery
    Hansa Brewery
    Happy Basset Brewing Company
    Hardywood Park Craft Brewery
    Hardywood Park Pilot Brewery and Taproom
    Hardywood Park West Creek
    Harmon Brewing Company
    Harmony Brewing Co
    Haymarket Brewery and Taproom
    Haymarket Pub and Brewery
    Headlands Brewing Company
    Heathen Brewing Co.
    Heavy Riff Brewing
    Heavy Seas Beer
    Heist brewery
    Helio Basin Brewing Company
    Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Co.
    Hellbent Brewing Company
    Helton Brewing Company
    Henniker Brewing Company, LLC
    Heretic Brewing Company
    Hermitage Brewing Company
    Heroes Restaurant and Brewery
    Hi Sign Brewing
    Hi-Wire Brewing Big Top Production Facility
    Hi-Wire Brewing South Slope Specialty Brewery
    High Heel Brewing
    High Hops Brewery
    High Point Brewing Company
    High Water Brewing
    Higherground Brewing Co.
    Highland brewing
    Highland Park Brewery
    Highway 79 Brewing Co.
    HiHO Brewing Co
    Hillman Beer
    Historic Brewing Company
    Hix Farm Brewery
    Hobbs Tavern & Brewing Co.
    Holidaily Brewing Company
    Holsopple Brewing
    Holy City Brewing
    Home Brewing Co
    HomeGrown Brewing Company
    Hoops Brewing
    Hop Butcher For The World
    Hop Dogma Brewing Company
    Hop Nuts Brewing
    Hop Valley Brew Pub
    Hop Valley Brewing Production
    Hoparazzi Brewing Co
    Hopfusion Ale Works
    Hopkinsville Brewing Company
    Hoppin’ Frog Brewing Co
    Hops & Grain Brewing
    Hops and Growlers
    Hopshire Farm & Brewery
    Hopsters LLC
    Hopworks Urban Brewery
    Hopworks Urban Brewery Vancouver
    Horse Thief Hollow
    Hourglass Brewing
    Humble Sea Brewing Company
    Hungry Hollow Brewing Company
    Huss Brewing
    Hutton & Smith Brewing Company
    Icicle Brewing Company
    Idylwilde Brewing
    Ill Mannered Brewing Co.
    IMBIB Custom Brews
    Indeed Brewing Company
    Independence Brewing
    Independent Brewing Company
    Independent Liquors New Zealand
    Indie Brewing Company
    Industrial Arts Brewing Co.
    Infamous Brewing Company
    Inland Wharf Brewing
    Innovation Brew Works
    Insight Brewing Company
    Institution Ale Company
    Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project
    Intuition Ale Works
    Iowa Brewing Company
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant (Ardmore)
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Chestnut Hill
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Huntingdon Valley
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Lancaster
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Maple Shade
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Media
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Newark
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – North Wales
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Phoenixville
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Voorhees
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – West Chester
    Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant – Wilmington
    Iron Springs Pub & Brewery
    Iron Triangle Brewing Company
    Ironfire Brewing Company
    Ironworks Brewery & Pub
    Island Brewing Company
    Jack Pine Brewery
    Jack’s Abby Brewing
    Jackalope Brewing Company, LLC
    Jackie O’s Brewery
    Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery
    Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Co
    Jaden James Brewery
    JAFB Wooster Brewery
    Jagged Mountain Craft Brewery
    Jailbreak Brewing Company
    Jekyll Brewing
    Jellyfish Brewing Company
    Jersey Girl Brewing
    Jessup Farm Barrel House
    Jester King Brewery
    Joseph James Brewing Co
    Joyride Brewing Company
    Kane Brewing Company
    Kansas City Bier Company
    Karbach Brewing Company
    Karl Strauss Brewing Co
    Karl Strauss Brewing Co – 4S Ranch
    Karl Strauss Brewing Co – Anaheim
    Karl Strauss Brewing Co – Carlsbad
    Karl Strauss Brewing Co – Downtown
    Karl Strauss Brewing Co – La Jolla
    Kassik’s Brewery
    Kellys Brewpub
    Kern River Brewing Co Backyard
    Kern River Brewing Company
    KettleHouse Brewing Company
    Kiitos Brewing
    Kilowatt Brewing
    Kindred Beer
    Kinetic Brewing Company
    King Harbor Brewing Company
    Kings Brewing Company
    Kinkaider Brewing Co.
    Kinsmen Brewing Co.
    Knee Deep Brewing Co.
    Knotty Brewing Co.
    Kohola Brewery
    Kokopelli Beer Company
    Kona Brewing Co.
    Kretschmann Brewing Company
    Kros Strain Brewing Company
    Kulshan Brewing Co.
    Kulshan Brewing Co.- K2
    La Cabra Brewing
    La Cumbre Brewing Co,
    La Quinta Brewing Co.
    Lake Anne Brew House
    Lake Placid Craft Brewing Co.
    Lakefront Brewery
    Lakes & Legends Brewing Company
    Lakewood Brewing Co
    Lamplighter Brewing Co.
    Land-Grant Brewing Company
    Lanikai Brewing Co
    Lansing Brewing Company
    Lariat Lodge Brewing Company
    Last Name Brewing
    Last Stand Brewing Company
    Latitude 33 Brewing
    Latitude 42 Brewing Co.
    Laughing Monk Brewing
    Launch pad brewery
    Lawson’s Finest Liquids
    Lazarus Brewing Company
    Lazy Hiker Brewing Company
    Leashless Brewing
    Left Coast Brewing Co.
    Left Hand Brewing Company
    Left Nut Brewing Company
    Legacy Brewing Company
    Legal Remedy Brewing Ltd. Co.
    Legion Brewing Company
    Lemons Mill Brewery LLC
    Lena Brewing Company
    Lengthwise Brewing Co
    Lenny Boy Brewing Co
    Lewis & Clark Brewing Company
    Lickinghole Creek Craft Brewery
    Lidl US LLC
    Lift Bridge Brewery
    Lineage Brewing
    Lion Bridge Brewing Co
    Liquid Mechanics Brewing Co.
    Liquid Riot
    Listermann Brewing
    Lithology Brewing Co
    Little Beast Brewing
    Little Fish Brewing Company
    Little Machine
    Live Oak Brewing Co
    Living the Dream Brewing Co.
    Lo Rez Brewing
    Lo-Fi Brewing
    Local Brewing Co.
    Locavore Beer Works
    Lochiel Brewing
    Lockport Brewery
    Logboat Brewing Company
    Logsdon Farmhouse Ales
    Loma Brewing Company
    Lone Eagle Brewing
    Lone Tree Brewing Co
    Lonerider Brewing Company
    Long Beach Beer Lab
    Longship Brewery
    Lord Hobo Brewing Co
    Lorelei Brewing Co
    Los Angeles Ale Works
    Lost Cabin Beer Co.
    Lost Forty Brewing
    Lost Highway Brewing Company
    Lost Nation Brewing
    Lost Province Brewing Company, LLC
    Lost Rhino Brewing Company
    Lost Signal Brewing Company
    Lost Winds Brewing Company
    Loveland Aleworks
    Low Tide Brewing
    Lucky Envelope Brewing
    Lucky Hare Brewing Company
    Lumberyard Brewing Co Taproom and Grille
    Lupulin Brewing
    LynLake Brewery
    Lynnwood Brewing Concern
    Lynnwood Brewing Concern- Production Facility
    M Special Brewing Company
    MacLeod Ale Brewing Company, LLC
    Macushla Brewing Co.
    Mad Anthony Brewing Company
    Mad Chef Craft Brewing
    Mad Duck Craft Brewing Company
    Mad River Brewing Co
    Madewest Brewing Company
    Madison Brewing Co.
    MadTree Brewing 2.0
    Malibu Beer
    Manitou Brewing Company
    Mantra Artisan Ales
    Maplewood Brewery & Distillery
    Marble Brewery
    Marble Brewery- Montgomery
    March First Brewing
    Marin Brewing Co
    Mark Twain Brewing Company
    Market Garden Brewery
    Market Garden Craft Brewery
    Martin House Brewing Co
    Mason Ale Works – Oceanside
    Mason Ale Works – San Marcos
    Masthead Brewing Co.
    Matchless Brewing
    Maui Brewing Co
    Mcfate Brewing Co
    Meadowlark Brewing
    Meddlesome Brewing Company
    Melvin Brewing
    Melvin Brewing Belligham
    Melvin Brewing/Jackson
    Menace Brewing
    Metal Monkey Brewing LLC
    Metazoa Brewing Co.
    Mickey Finn’s Brewery
    Middleton Brewing
    Midland Brewing Company
    Migration Brewing
    Mike Hess Brewing
    Mike Hess Brewing North Park
    Mikkeller Brewing San Diego
    Mill House Brewing Company
    Miller Brewing Company
    Millersburg Brewing
    Millstream Brewing Co
    Milwaukee Ale House
    Minglewood Brewery
    Mispillion River Brewing
    Mission Brewery
    Missoula Brewing Company
    Missouri Beer Company
    Mitten Brewing Co
    MobCraft Beer
    Mockery Brewing
    Modicum Brewing
    Moerlein Lager House
    MoMac Brewing Company
    Monday Night Brewing
    Monday Night Garage
    Monkey Paw Brewing
    Monnik Beer Co
    Montana Brewing Company
    Montauk Brewing Company
    Moody Tongue Brewing Company
    Moon Hill Brewing Co
    Moon River Brewing Company
    Moon Tower Sudworks
    Moonraker Brewing Co.
    Morgan Ridge Railwalk Brewery & Eatery
    Morgan Territory Brewing
    Mother Earth Brew Co – Vista
    Mother Earth Brew CO. – Nampa
    Mother Earth Brewing
    Mother Road Brewing Company
    Motorworks Brewing
    Mountain Layers Brewing Co.
    Mountain Toad Brewing
    Mumford Brewing Company
    Municipal Brew Works
    Mustang Sally Brewing Company
    Nano Brew Cleveland
    Nantahala Brewing Co
    Napa Smith Brewery
    Narragansett Beer
    Nashville Brewing Company
    Nebraska Brewing Co – La Vista
    Nebraska Brewing Co – Papillon
    Neshaminy Creek Brewing Co
    Nevin’s Brewing Company
    New Anthem Beer Project
    New Belgium Brewing Company – Asheville
    New Belgium Brewing Company – Fort Collins
    New English Brewing Co Inc
    New Glory Craft Brewery
    New Groove Artisan Brewery
    New Heights Brewing Company
    New Helvetia Brewing Company
    New Holland Brewing Co.
    New Oberpfalz Brewing
    New Orleans Lager and Ale Brewing (NOLA Brewing)
    New Realm Brewing Co.
    New Sarum Brewing
    New South Brewing
    New Terrain Brewing Company
    Newburyport Brewing Company
    Nexus Brewery
    Night Shift Brewing, Inc
    NightLife Brewing Co
    Ninkasi Brewing Company
    NLand Brewing Company
    No Clue Craft Brewery
    No-Li Brewhouse
    Noble Ale Works
    Noble Order Brewing Company
    Noble Roots Brewing Company
    NOBO Brewing Company
    NoDa Brewing Co – NE
    NoDa Brewing Co – OG
    Noon Whistle Brewing
    North By Northwest Restaurant and Brewery – North Capital
    North By Northwest Restaurant and Brewery – Slaughter
    North Country Brewing Co. LLC
    North High Brewing
    North Park Beer Co.
    North Pier Brewing Company
    Northbound Smokehouse and Brewpub
    Novo Brazil Brewing Company
    O’Connor Brewing Co
    O’so Brewing Company
    O.H.S.O. Eatery + NanoBrewery
    Oak & Dagger Public House
    Oak highlands brewery
    Oak Road Brewery
    Oakland United Beerworks
    Oakshire Brewing
    Oasis Texas Brewing Company
    OB Brewery
    Obed and Isaacs
    Occidental Brewing Co
    Ocelot Brewing Co
    Oconee Brewing Company
    Octopi Brewing / Untitled Art
    Odd Breed Wild Ales
    Odd Side Ales
    OddStory Brewing Company
    Odell Brewing
    Odin Brewing
    Odyssey Beerwerks
    Off Color Brewing
    Off Square Brewing
    Offshore Ale
    Oggis Sports Brewhouse Pizza
    Ohana Brewing Company
    OHSO Brewery- Paradise Valley
    Ola Brew Co
    Old Bust Head Brewing Co.
    Old Irving Brewing Co.
    Old Stove Brewing Company
    Old Town Abbey
    Old Town Brewing
    Olde Hickory Brewery
    Olde Mecklenburg Brewery, The
    Omaha Brewing Company
    Omission Brewing Co.
    OMNI Brewing Company
    On Tour Brewing
    OpenRoad Brewery
    Optimism Brewing Co
    Orlison Brewing Company
    Ornery Beer Company
    Oro Brewing Company
    Osgood Brewing
    Oskar Blues Brewery & Tasty Weasel Tap Room
    Our Mutual Friend Brewing
    Out of Bounds Brewing Co
    Pabst Brewing Company
    Pabst Brewing Company – Milwaukee
    Paducah Beer Werks
    Pagosa Brewing & Grill
    Pale Fire Brewing Co
    Panther Island Brewing
    Paradox Beer Co
    Pariah Brewing Company
    Parker’s Hilltop Brewery & Spirits
    Parkersburg Brewing Co
    Parkside Brewing Company
    Parkway Brewing
    Parleaux Beer Lab
    Pawleys Island Brewing Company
    Payette Brewing Co
    Peace Tree Brewing Co.
    Peak to Peak Tap & Brew
    Peaks N Pines Brewing Co
    Pearl Street Brewery
    Pedal Haus Brewery
    Pedernales Brewing Co.
    Peekskill Brewery
    Pelican Brewing Company
    Pelican Brewing Company – Cannon Beach
    Pelican Brewing Company – Pacific City
    Pennsylvania Brewing Co
    Peoria Artisan Brewery LLC
    Perennial Artisan Ales
    Periodic Brewing LLC
    Perrin Brewing Company
    Peter B’s Brewpub
    Peticolas Brewing Co
    PFriem Family Brewers
    Phantom Ales
    Phantom Carriage Brewery
    Philipsburg Brewing Company
    Piece Brewery
    Pig Minds Brewing
    Pig Pounder Brewery
    Pigeon Hill Brewing Co
    Piney River Brewing Company
    Pinglehead Brewery
    pinthouse pizza – burnet
    pinthouse pizza – S. Lamar
    PINTS Brewing Company and Urban Taproom
    Pints Micro Brewery
    Pitt Street Brewing Company
    Pizza Port – Bressi Ranch
    Pizza Port Carlsbad
    Pizza Port Ocean Beach
    Pizza Port San Clemente
    Pizza Port Solana Beach
    Platform Beer Co.
    Platt Park Brewing Co.
    Platypus Brewing
    Pocock Brewing Company
    Point Labaddie Brewery
    Pointless Brewery & Theatre
    Pollyanna Brewing Company
    Ponderosa Brewing
    Ponysaurus Brewing Company
    Port Brewing Co / The Lost Abbey
    Port City Brewing Co.
    Port O’Pints Brewing Co.
    Port Orleans Brewing Company
    Portland Brewing
    Postdoc Brewing
    Potosi Brewing Company
    Prairie Artisan Ales
    Prairie Krafts Brewing Co
    Prairie Street Brewing Co.
    Prescott Brewing Company
    Preyer Brewing Company
    Printer’s Ale Manufacturing Company
    Prison City Brewing
    Pro Re Nata Brewery
    Proof Brewing Co
    Prost Brewing Co.
    Pryes Brewing Company
    PT’s Brewing Co.
    Public Coast Brewing Co.
    Public House Brewing Company
    Pumphouse Brewery and Restaurant
    Pure Order Brewing Co
    Pure Project Brewing
    Pyramid Breweries / North American Breweries
    Quaff On Brewing
    Quarter Celtic Brewpub
    Quest Brewing Company
    Rabbit Hole Brewing
    Radio Brewing Company
    Rahr and Sons Brewing Co
    Railtown Brewing Co
    Raised Grain Brewing Company
    Raleigh Brewing Company
    RAM Restaurant and Brewery – Lakewood
    RAM Restaurant and Brewery – Seattle
    Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling
    Rare Form Brewing
    Ratio Beerworks
    Real Ale Brewing Company
    Recon Brewing
    Red Cypress Brewery
    Red Dragon Brewery
    Red Hare Brewing Company
    Red Horn Brewing Co.
    Redhook Brewery
    Redlight Redlight Beer Parlour and Brewery
    Redrock Brewing Co
    Redrock Brewing Production
    Redwood Brewing Co
    Redwood Curtain Brewing Company
    Reformation Brewery
    Refuge Brewery
    Remedy Brewing Company
    Rendezvous Junction Brewing Company
    Renegade Brewing Company
    Rescue Brewing Co
    Resident Brewing
    Resolute Brewing co
    Resonate Brewery + Pizzeria
    Reuben’s Brews
    Reuben’s Brews Taproom
    Revelation Craft Brewing Co
    Revelry Brewing Company
    Revision Brewing Company
    Revolution Brewing – Brewpub
    Revolution Brewing – Production
    Revolver Brewing
    Rhinegeist Brewery
    Rhombus Guys Brewing Company
    Rickety Cricket Brewing
    Riff Raff Brewing Co
    Rio Bravo Brewing Company
    Rip Current Brewing
    Rip Van Winkle Brewing Co.
    River Dog Brewing Company
    River North Brewery
    River Rat Brewery
    River’s Edge Brewing Co.
    Rivertowne Brewing Company
    Riverwatch Brewery
    Roadhouse Brewing Company
    Roak Brewing Co.
    Rochester Mills Production Brewery
    Rock Bottom Arrowhead
    Rock Bottom Brewery
    Rock Bottom Brewery # 1053, Minneapolis, MN
    Rock Bottom Brewery #1065, Bethesda MD
    Rock Bottom Brewery – Pittsburgh
    Rock Bottom Brewery – Westminster Orchard Town Center
    Rock Bottom Brewery Chicago
    Rock Bottom Brewery Orland Park
    Rock Bottom Brewery Portland
    Rock Bottom Brewery Westminster
    Rock Bottom Indianapolis
    Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery -Nashville, TN
    Rock Cut Brewing Company
    Rocket Republic Brewing Company
    Rockford Brewing Company
    Rockslide Brewing Co
    Rocky Reef Brewing Company
    Rockyard American Grill & Brewing Company
    Rogue Ales & Spirits
    Rooney’s Beer Company
    Rough Diamond Brewery
    Rouleur Brewing Company
    Round Town Brewery
    Roundabout Brewery
    Royal Docks Brewing Company
    RPM Brewing Company
    Ruggedman Brewing Company
    Russian River Brewing Company
    Rust Nickel Brewing Co.
    Rusty Rail Brewing
    Sactown Union Brewery
    Saddle Mountain Brewing Company
    Saint Archer Brewing Company
    Saint Arnold Brewing Co
    Saint Benjamin Brewing Co
    Salt Spring Brewery
    Samuel Adams Pennsylvania Brewing Co
    San Juan del Sur Cerveceria
    Sanctuary Brewing Company
    Sanctum Brewing Co.
    Sanitas Brewing Company
    Santa Barbara Brewing Company
    Santa Clara Valley Brewing
    Santa Fe Brewing Co
    SanTan Brewing Company
    Saranac Brewery / Matt Brewing Co.
    Sato Brewpub
    Saugatuck Brewing Co
    Savagewood Brewing Company
    Savannah River Brewing Company
    Save the World Brewing Co
    Sawtooth Brewery
    Scarlet Lane Brewing Company
    Schlafly Beer/The Saint Louis Brewery, LLC
    Schnitz Brewery
    Schulz Brau Brewing Company
    Scofflaw Brewing Co
    Scottsdale Beer Company
    Screamin’ Hill Brewery
    Scuttlebutt Brewing Company
    SeaQuake Brewing
    Second Chance Beer Company
    Second District Brewing Co.
    Second Salem Brewing Company
    Second Self Beer company
    Seismic Brewing Co.
    Service Brewing Company
    Seven Arrows Brewing Co.
    Seven Stills Brewery & Distillery
    Seventh Son Brewing Company
    Shakopee Brewhall
    Shannon Brewing Company, LLC
    Shoe Tree Brewing Co.
    Short Fuse Brewing Company
    Short’s Brewing Company
    Shrewd Fox Brewery
    Sibling Revelry Brewing
    Side Project Brewing
    Sidetrack Brewing Company
    Sierra Blanca Brewing Co
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico
    Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Mills River, NC
    Sigma Brewing Company
    Silva Brewing
    Silver City Brewery
    Silver Harbor Brewing Company
    Silver Moon Brewing
    Singin’ River Brewing Company
    Single Speed Brewing Co Tap Room
    Six Mile Bridge
    SKA Brewing
    Sketchbook Brewing Co.
    Sleeping Giant Brewing Company
    SLO Brew
    Sloop Brewing
    Smartmouth Brewing Co.
    Smelter City Brewing
    Smiling Toad Brewing Company
    Smith & Lentz Brewing
    Smog City Brewing Company
    Smylie Brothers Brewing Co.
    Snake River Brewing Co
    Snowbank Brewing
    Snowy Mountain Brewery
    Social Kitchen & Brewery
    Societe Brewing Company
    Solace Brewing Company
    Solemn Oath Brewery
    Solid Ground Brewing
    Solvang Brewing Co – Lompoc
    Solvang Brewing Company
    Something Brewery
    Sons of Liberty Beer & Spirits Co.
    Soulcraft Brewing
    South Bay Brewco
    South Park Brewing Company
    South Street Brewery
    Southbound Brewing Co
    Southerleigh Brewing
    Southern Grist Brewing Company
    Southern Peak Brewery
    Southern Prohibition Brewing
    Southern Range Brewing Co.
    Southern Sun Pub & Brewery
    SouthNorte Beer Co
    Spangalang Brewery
    Speakeasy Ales and Lagers
    Speciation Artisan Ales
    Spellbound Brewing
    Spencer Devon Brewing, LLC
    Spider Bite Beer Co.
    Spilled Grain Brewhouse
    Spiteful Brewing
    Spoetzl Brewery
    Spotted Dog Brewery
    Sprecher Brewing Co
    Springfield Brewing Co
    SR76 Beerworks
    St Elmo Brewing
    St Francis Brewing Company
    St. Florian’s Brewery
    St. Nicholas Brewing Company
    Stable 12 Brewing Company
    Stadium Pizza Main St
    Standard Brewing
    Starpoint Brewing
    Starr Brothers Brewing Co.
    Starr Hill Brewery
    Stash Brewing Co.
    State 48 Brewery
    State Brewing Co LLC
    State Room Brewery
    Station 26 Brewing Co.
    Steam Donkey Brewing Co.
    Steamworks Brewing Co
    Steel Bender Brewyard
    Steel Toe Brewing
    Stereo Brewing Company
    Sterling Pig Brewery
    Stevens Point Brewery
    Stewart’s Brewing Company
    Stickman Brews
    Stickmen Brewing Company
    Stillmank Brewing Company
    Stilt House Brewery
    Stockyards Brewing Company, LLC
    Stone Brewing Co
    Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station
    Stone Cellar Brewpub / Stone Arch Brew House
    Stone Church Brewing
    Stone’s Throw Brewing
    Stonecloud Brewing Co.
    Stony Creek Brewery
    Storm Peak Brewing Company
    StormBreaker Brewing
    Stormcloud Brewing Company
    Stoup Brewing
    Strange Craft Beer Company
    Strangeways Brewing – FXBG
    Strangeways Brewing – RVA
    Strap Tank Brewing Co.
    Straub Brewery
    Streetside Brewery
    Strike Brewing Company
    Strong Rope Brewery
    Studio Brew
    Stumblefoot Brewing
    Sugar Creek Brewing Co.
    Sumerian Brewing Co.
    Summit Brewing Co
    Sun King Brewing Company
    Sun King Rumpus Room
    Sun Up Brewing Co.
    Sunriver Brewing
    Susquehanna Brewing Co
    Swamp Cabbage Brewing
    Swamp Head Brewery
    Swamp Rabbit Brewery and Taproom
    Swashbuckler Brewing Co.
    SweetWater Brewing Co
    Switchback Brewing Co
    Sycamore Brewing
    Taft’s Ale House
    Taft’s Brewing Co
    Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company
    Tailgate Brewery
    Tailgate Brewery Music Row
    Talking Waters Brewing Co.
    Tallgrass Brewing Co
    Tallgrass Tap House
    Tampa Bay Brewing Co
    Tampa Bay Brewing Company
    Tangled Roots Brewing Co.
    Taos Mesa Brewing Co
    TAPS Brewery-Brea, CA
    TAPS Brewery-Corona, CA
    Tattered Flag Brewery
    Tavern Brewery
    Taxman Brewing Co
    Tek Mountain Brewing
    Telluride Brewing Company
    Temblor Brewing Company
    Temperance Beer Compay
    Ten Mile Brewing
    Ten Mile Creek Brewery
    Ten Ninety Brewing Co.
    Ten Pin Brewing
    Ten Pin Brewing Co
    Tennessee Brew Works
    Tennessee Valley Brewing Company
    Terrapin Beer Co
    Territorial Brewing Company
    Texas Ale Project
    The Alementary
    The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Co.
    The Black Abbey Brewing Company, LLC
    The Bold Mariner Brewing Company
    The Booth Brewing Co.
    The Brew Brothers / Scioto Downs Racino
    The Bronx Brewery
    The Butcher & The Brewer
    The Civil Life Brewing Co
    The Collective Brewing Project
    The Dayton Beer Company
    The Dudes’ Brewing Company
    The Freehouse
    The Grumpy Troll Brewpub
    The Herkimer Pub and Brewery
    The Lone Girl Brewing Company
    The Monk’s Cellar
    The North Fork
    The Oozlefinch Craft Brewery
    The Perch Pub & Brewery
    The Phoenix Brewing Company
    The Pike Brewing Company
    The Post Brewing Company
    The Rare Barrel
    The Sandlot Brewery at Coors Field
    The Shop Beer Co.
    The Star Spangled Brewing Co.
    The Sycamore Brewing Cannery
    The Tank Brewing Co.
    The Tap Beer Company
    The Unknown Brewing Company
    The Virginia Beer Company
    These Guys Brewing Company
    Thin Man Brewery
    Third Space Brewing
    Third Street Aleworks
    Third Street Brewhouse
    Third Wheel Brewing
    Thirsty Monk Brewery
    ThirstyBear Organic Brewery
    Thorn Brewing Company
    Thr3e Punk Ales
    Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Company
    Three Creeks Brewing Co. llc
    Three Creeks Production
    Three Magnets Brewing Co.
    Three Notch’d Craft Kitchen and Brewery
    Three Rivers Brewery
    Three Spirits Brewery
    Three Taverns Brewery
    Three Twenty Brewing Co.
    Three Weavers Brewing Company
    Tighthead Brewing Co
    Tilted Axis Brewing Company
    Tin Man Brewing Company
    Tin Man Brewing Company Kokomo
    Tin Whiskers Brewing
    Tivoli Brewing Company
    Tocayo Brewing Company
    Tommyknocker Brewery & Pub
    Tomoka Brewing Company
    Tonewood Brewing
    Toolbox Brewing Company
    Top of the Hill Restaurant and Brewery
    Topa Topa Brewing Co
    Torched Hop Brewing Company
    Track 7 Brewing Company – Curtis Park
    Track 7 Brewing Company – Natomas
    Tractor Brewing Co
    Transient Artisan Ales
    Transplants Brewing Company
    Tribes Beer Company
    TrimTab Brewing Company
    Triple C Brewing
    Triton Brewing Company
    Troegs Brewing Company
    True North Ale Company
    True West Brewing Company
    Trumer Brewery
    TRVE Brewing
    TUPPS Brewery
    Turtle Mountain Brewing Co
    Tustin Brewing Co
    Twenty-Six Acres Brewing Company
    Twin Elephant Brewing Company
    Twin Leaf Brewery
    Twin Peaks Brewing Co.
    Twisted Pine Brewing Co
    Twisted Spur Brewing
    Two Beers Brewing Co.
    Two Brothers Brewing Co
    Two Rivers Brewing Company
    Two Roads Brewing Co
    Two22 Brew
    Uinta Brewing Company
    Unbridled Brewing Company DBA FigLeaf BrewCo
    Uncle Bear’s
    Uncommon Brewers
    Union 32 Craft House
    Union Craft Brewing
    Unsung Brewing Company
    Unsung Brewing Company- Taproom
    Upland Brewing Company
    Upland Brewing Company – Bloomington Brewpub
    Upper Hand Brewery
    Upslope Brewing Company – Flatiron Park
    Upslope Brewing Company – Lee Hill
    Upstate Brewing Company
    Upstream Brewing Co
    Urban South Brewery
    Urban Village Brewing Company
    Urbanrest Brewing Company
    Ursula Brewery
    Utah Brewers Cooperative
    Utepils Brewing Co
    Vail Brewing Company
    Vallensons Brewing Co.
    Väsen Brewing Company
    Ventura Coast Brewing Company
    Verboten Brewing
    Verdugo West Brewing Company
    Vertigo Brewing LLC
    Very Nice Brewing Co
    Veterans United Craft Brewery
    Victor 23 Craft Brewery
    Vine St. Pub & Brewery
    Vintage Brewing Company
    von Trapp Brewing
    VonSeitz TheoreticAles
    Wachusett Brewing Co
    Wacker Brewing Co
    Waconia Brewing Company
    Waikiki Brewing Company
    Walking Tree Brewery
    Wallenpaupack Brewing Company
    Wander Brewing
    Waredaca Brewing Company
    Warped Wing Brewing Co.
    Waterline Brewing Company
    Watermark Brewing Co.
    Wayfinder Beer
    Wayward Owl Brewing Company LLC
    Weeping Radish Farm Brewery
    WeldWerks Brewing Co.
    Werk Force Brewing Co.
    Werner Brewing Company
    West O Beer, LLC
    West Sixth Brewing Co
    Westbound & Down Brewing Company
    Westfax Brewing Company
    Wet Coast Brewing Co.
    Weyerbacher Brewing Company
    Whalers Brewing Company
    Whetstone Craft Beers
    White Oak Brewing
    White Street Brewing Company
    Wibby Brewing
    Wichita Brewing Co
    Wicked Weed Brewing – Candler
    Wicked Weed Brewing Brewpub
    Wicked Weed Brewing Funk House
    Wicked Weed Brewing Funkatorium
    Wicked Wort Brewing Company
    Wicks Brewing Co
    Widmer Brothers Brewing
    Wiens Brewing Co
    Wild Acre Brewing Company
    Wild Barrel Brewing Company
    Wild Heaven Beer
    Wild Onion Brewery
    Wild Ride Brewing
    Wild Wolf Brewing Co
    Wildlife Brewing
    Wildwood Brewing Co
    Wiley Roots Brewing Co
    William K Busch Brewing Company
    Willimantic Brewing Company
    Willoughby Brewing Co
    Wiretap Brewing Corporation
    Wise Man Brewing
    Wiseacre Brewing Company
    Wit’s End Brewing Company
    Wolf Hollow Brewing Company
    Wolf Tree Brewery
    Wolf’s Ridge Brewing
    Wolverine State Brewing Co
    Wonderland Brewing Company
    Woodcreek Brewing Company
    Wooden Robot Brewery
    Woods Boss Brewing Company
    Woodstock Inn Brewery
    Working Class Brewery
    Wormtown Brewery
    Worth Brewing Co
    Worthy Brewing Co
    Wrecking Bar Brewpub
    Wren House Brewing Co
    Wrightsville Beach Brewery
    WT Brews
    Ximix Craft Exploration
    Yachats Brewing
    Yampa Valley Brewing Company
    Yards Brewing Co
    Yee-Haw Brewing LLC
    Yellow Springs Brewery
    Yellowhammer Brewery
    Yergey Brewing
    Yorkshire Square Brewing Co.
    Young Lion Brewing Co
    Zaftig Brewing Company
    Zed’s Beer/Bado Brewing
    Zeroday Brewing Company, LLC
    Zilker Brewing Co
    Zipline Brewing Co
    Zoiglhaus Brewing Company
    Zone 9 Brewing Company
    Zuni Street Brewing Company
    ZwanzigZ Brewing
    Zwei Brewing Co

  5. You can enter a competition for the hardware, but something like GABF can be valuable in other ways. Being judged by a wide variety of palates, and getting back those notes, can be very eye opening for a brewery.

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