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Washington Brewers Festival Day 1

Day one at the Washington Brewers Festival proved a big success. The new venue at Marymoor Park in Redmond is spacious and lovely. There is ample parking and the traffic flow in and out of the park seemed extremely manageable. Fantastic beer in every direction. Lots of people having lots of fun. The ground is a bit uneven in places (dang moles) so women should avoid wearing high heels. That is about the only issue I could see.

Stop by our booth and say hello. We are mixed in with all the vendors/sponsors. But don’t worry; we are not selling anything. Just stop by our booth/tent and say hello. Here are some photos from yesterday.


Below: Complete gallery from the whole weekend.






  1. I’m really excited about the change to Marymoor Park! My daughter and I met you back at the Cask Fest in March (she’s a Boundary Bay bartender) and I am a dedicated reader of the blog. I’ll drop by after my shift today at the token booth is over, but I imagine if you’re giving anything away, it will be long gone by then, haha!

  2. I have to add that the terrain is REALLY challenging for those of us dependent on wheels (aka walkers and wheelchairs) to get around. There was a couple of bitch sessions at the accessible port-a-potties. BUT don’t let that prevent you from enjoying really good beer. Buy your friends a beer and ask them to get you one while there are at it. I made a number of new friends when I would get stuck in a pot hole, someone was always willing to push me out of the hole.

  3. Sorry Bean that you had to endure that. Even sober with regular legs it was worse to walk on than my crummy backyard. I kind of moaned about the concrete at the Fremont Octoberfest before, but not anymore after trying to walk on that surface twice – Friday and Sunday. Once they tweak that issue it’ll be perfect. Since the beer this year really was fabulous and folks were very cordial. Kendall good to see you our there and thx for the freebies!

  4. No doubt the terrain was rough. For people with wheels and any other mobility issues. Perhaps the only real issue with the new location. I already have an idea about how to appease the situation and will present it to the festival committee. Nothing we can do about the landscape but we should be able to figure something out.

  5. I didn’t like the venue at all. With all the space available at Marymoor, why force the festival into such a small corner? Shoulder to shoulder from the word “go” – and the terrain was terrible to boot.

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