Washington Brewers Festival photos

We spent all three days at the festival. And I do mean ALL. From the time the gates opened on Friday until the time they pulled the taps on Sunday, we were on site keeping an eye on things.

The weather could have been better, that’s true, but the festival organizers cannot control that. They did a great job with everything that they CAN control. That is the most we can ask.

Here are some of the photos we took throughout the weekend.

Ceremonial tapping of the first keg by the Mayor of Kenmore.
Lisa Miyashita (Washington Beer Commission) put together another great event this year.
The line at the Black Raven tent was long all weekend.

To see more photos, check out the complete post.

Alejandro Brown (Big Al) on the left, with me enjoying his Peanut Butter Imperial Stout - perhaps the most buzzed about beer of the weekend.
192 Brewing's first festival. Welcome
Foggy Noggin Brewing from Bothell. New guys! Welcome
Da' boyz
Our putting game. Lee Sterling ended up going home with the grand prize - a pair of tickets to all of the Washington Beer Commission's beer festivals for a year.
Our banner got a lot of compliments. Cheers to Hammerhead Graphic Design - our design partner.
Looking out across the Saturday afternoon crowd from our booth.
Andy from Black Raven Brewing had great keg tossing form, but came up just a bit shy of a victory.
Cowboy Ross from Iron Horse Brewing displays a different, winning form.
Ross, the victor, with last year's champion Drew Cluley (Pike Brewing).
Old buddies Ed Bennett (Boundary Bay Brewing) and Skip Madsen (brewer-at-large and one of the most beloved brewers around).

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