Washington Brewers Guild climbs Capitol Hill, takes Olympia by storm


The Washington Brewers Guild is a non-profit trade organization dedicated to advancing the common interests of Washington craft brewers through legislative advocacy and brewer community building. Their efforts are driven by membership dues and by people like you who attend the Washington Winter Beer Fest and the Washington Cask Beer Fest; both of those events benefit the WBG.

So what exactly does the Washington Brewers Guild do?

Here’s an example. On Monday, January 28th, the Washington Brewers Guild hosted its annual Legislative Hill Climb in Olympia, WA. Guild members representing 25 Washington breweries met with over 80 legislators to spread the good word of Washington craft beer, its positive impact on Washington’s economy, the industry’s role in jobs creation, and the work local brewers do to bring communities together and support local causes.


Washington Brewers Guild members also advocated for legislation that would update rules for social media posts. Currently the rules forbid breweries from promoting events, like a brewers night event at a local pub, via its social media channels. The pub can promote it, but the brewery cannot. Why? Who knows? That’s why the Guild is working to change the rule.

Furthermore, the Washington Brewers Guild is helping craft a bill that would require festival promoters to be licensed by the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board. It’s a bit complicated, but trust me, they have their reasons for wanting this to happen. If you want to know more about this, you can watch the Senate Labor and Commerce Committee hearing online.

The guy in the middle who doesn't look like a brewer, is House Speaker Frank Chopp.
The guy in the middle who doesn’t look like a brewer is House Speaker Frank Chopp.

After the hill climb, Guild members capped off the day with a reception for legislators and staff, where Washington beer was prominently showcased and paired with food from local restaurants. If you want your legislators to support their local breweries, handing them a local beer is a good way to get started.