Washington Brewers Speak Out

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Last Friday before the big Defend Washington Beer Rally in Olympia, a few of our local brewers testified before the House Finance Committee. Testifying before the committee were Ryan Hilliard (Hilliard’s Beer), Dan O’Leary (Duo Brewing), Mike Runion (7 Seas Brewing) and Heather McClung (Schooner Exact Brewing). There is a video below.

The basic point echoed by those who testified was simple: leave us alone and let us grow our businesses. Heather McClung (Schooner Exact Brewing) carefully noted that Washington breweries are currently capable of supplying just 30 percent of the state’s demand for craft beer: breweries like hers are trying to grow to supply more beer. Mike Runion (7 Seas Brewing) told the committee that the tax plan was “penny-smart and dollar-stupid.” I should mention that Representative Carlyle gave a nice shout-out to this blog as a source for news and information on this issue. I mention that only to let you know that they are paying attention.

Here is the video from Friday’s hearing. You’ll probably lose interest at about the 16:00 minute mark when they stop talking about beer.

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  1. I just hope the committee actually hears their message! We need relief from stupid taxes. get the 1D10Ts that think stop the small guys out of there now so Washington can promote good small businesses – and especially the small breweries!

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