Washington Cask Beer Fest – Peoples Choice Winners

I admit it. I wimped out and let traffic win. For the first time in maybe forever, I failed to make it to the Washington Cask  Beer Festival, which happened last Saturday at Seattle Center. I didn’t even try. When you live in West Seattle, a viaduct closure is a powerful deterrent.  Cheers to all of you who did make it out to support the Washington Brewers Guild.

Below I share the People’s Choice winners for each of the two sessions. It’s nostalgic to see Diamond Knot Apple-Cinnamon ESB make the grade again. Has it ever not won at least one accolade at Cask Fest? 

First session People’s Choice winners (pictured above):

1st place: First Nail with Maraschino Cherries by Fremont Brewing Company
2nd place (tie): Cabernet Stout by American Brewing Company
2nd place (tie) Cheeky Monkey Imperial Brown by North Sound Brewing Co.

Second Session winners:

1st place: Apple Cinnamon ESB by Diamond Knot Craft Brewing
2nd place: Cheeky Monkey Imperial Brown by North Sound Brewing Co.
3rd place: Alaskan Session IPA by Black Raven Brewery

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  1. The First Nail *was* the best beer there. I tasted every beer in the first session. I’m not big on cherry, but it was amazing.

    Black Raven’s Alaska “Session” was a mix of their 2011 barleywine and their double IPA. They guestimated it at 12%. (Some sessions are shorter than others)

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