Washington passes the 150 mark – More new breweries on the way

By our reckoning, there are now 153 breweries in Washington. (See our list of Washington Breweries and Brewpubs.) That statement comes with all the usual caveats and disclaimers. The number is based on the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s official list of Licensed Microbreweries and is then adjusted using our own less-than-scientific method of calculation. An establishment which holds a microbrewery license doesn’t necessarily brew. When we can confirm that a licensed brewery is not actually brewing beer, we exclude it from the list. Suffice it to say that in order to brew legally you need more than a license from the state.

When counting breweries , we do not include places like Pillager’s Pub, the Laht Neppur Ale House, and other establishments which serve as official outlets for their respective breweries but do not actually brew beer. While we do include those kinds of places in our listing of Breweries and Brewpubs, we do not include them when counting breweries.

Along with the news that we have “officially” exceeded 150 breweries, here are some other notes.

What’s Brewin’

Mt. Tabor Brewing in Vancouver, is readying a space just around the corner from the venerable Salmon Creek Brewery. According to their Facebook page, they’re getting very close to opening. As we understand it, Mt. Tabor is now brewing and the beer is sneaking its way into the local market.

Columbia Valley Brewing is now open in Wenatchee, serving beer from a lovely location along the Columbia River. Truth is, they’ve been open for a while now. Friends on the ground in the Little Apple tell me that CVB has a great location and serves solid beers. The man behind the curtain is Joe Nestor, who previously owned and operated Cashmere Brewing just a few clicks up the Wenatchee River from the new brewery.

Don’t be confused. There is only one brewery on Orcas Island and it is called Island Hoppin Brewery. Previously, for a short time, it was licensed as Orcas Island Brewing. That’s all we know for sure.

In Monroe, Twin Rivers Brewing (Sailfish Grill) has changed ownership and is now open as Adam’s Northwest Bistro and Brewery. The new owner, Adam Hoffman, previously cooked at Rover’s in Seattle. For those who don’t know, that means he’s got some serious chops when it comes to cooking. Reviews of the beer and the food have been overwhelmingly good.

Hilliard’s Beer, the latest addition to the Ballard brewing scene, is now licensed. No word on the availability of the beer yet. Perhaps you’ve seen their snazzy fan rolling around Seattle. I know they’re close. **Update** Don Webb from Naked City just posted a comment on Facebook: “Ryan Hilliard and Adam Merkl just came by Naked City with a sample of their Saison. Great stuff! We’re taking delivery of a keg tomorrow and should have it on tap at NC very soon!”

In a couple weeks we are hoping to stop by Parkers Steakhouse in Longview. They’ve been licensed to brew for a while but we understand that they are now pouring their own beer.

Since we last talked about new breweries, Republic Brewing Company opened its doors in Republic, Washington, which is in the most remote part of the state, at least for us Seattle folk. Can you say, “road trip!”

In Lacey, Termini Brewing is not brewing beer although they are licensed to do so. When I say licensed, I’m talking about the state. There’s more to it than getting a microbrewer’s license from the state – a lot more. Anyway, Termini is a Italian Restaurant with a surprising selection of craft beer. Our friend and fellow blogger, Brew Dad, tells us that it seems Termini has no clear plan to get brewing any time soon.

Two Sisters Brewery in Benton City is now licensed and has three labels. That is pretty much all we know. This is a bit bothersome to Kim and I. We just drove right past it last weekend and didn’t know it was there. You snooze, you lose.

Recently approved, but that’s all we know:
Duo Brewing in Puyallup.
Heathen Brewing in Vancouver.
Grit City Brewing in Centralia (remains a mystery).
West Highland Brewing in Vancouver.
Westport Brewing in Westport.

Currently pending approval:
Buffalo Brewing in Toppenish
Dirty Bucket Brewing in Sammamish

What do you know?

So what do you know? Have we missed any? Leave a comment and share what you know.


  1. I know nothing. Only that I’m really thirsty now, plus happy to hear of the 150+ breweries. Just sad I am not partaking. Thanks to you & Kim for all your efforts and sharing!

  2. As for Twin Rivers Brewing (Sailfish Grill)/Adam’s Northwest Bistro and Brewery. The legal name of the brewery will not change, however his beer is only being poured next door at the restaurant.

    Up to now, all the beer served has been the former owner’s and Adam is only just now spending time in the brewery. He has never brewed a batch in his life and is being shown the ropes by Tim, the previous owner/cook/brewer. The beers could be all over the place in the near future.

    I, as a Monroe local, seriously prefer the prior ownership & menu over what Adam is serving now. But that’s just me.

  3. Awesome!

    What’s with the dearth of breweries in NE Seattle, however? Do all the local brewers think we don’t drink beer in Lake City? We drink twice as much, twice as strong, twice as fast with half the BAC. Human filters, we are.

    Lot’s of empty store fronts. Check.

    Cheap rent. Check.

    Idle population of homeless, Veterans and elderly, within staggering distance, eager to forget their sorrows. Check.

    (Can’t wait for Elliot Bay – though they didn’t sound like they would initially be brewing.)

  4. @Louise – According to the State, it is no longer called Twin Rivers/Sailfish. According to the LCB that location is now licensed as Adam’s NW… What sign is on the door and what brewer is behind it? Hmmm. But legally the name has changed.

  5. I talked with Ryan Hilliard and Adam at their brewery the other day over a pint of that saison. First off, the beer was fantastic and I can’t wait to see it at NC. Secondly, their taproom is coming along nicely and they mentioned the potential for opening up by the end of the month! Going to be a fun spot. See you there!

  6. First I want to thank Kendall and Kim for the kind words on our brewery “Twin River’s Brewing Co.” in Monroe. We are brewing around the clock to keep up with the demand of the great people of Monroe. Its been the time of my life.

    Second I would like to respond to Louise and the comments. Louise has been attacking my reputation and lying about me the last few days on other review sites as well. I am a home brewer for the last 20 years and am very familiar with brewing. I have been planning a bistro and brewery for years and when the opportunity to take over the Sailfish came up I jumped right in. The previous owner, Tim was gracious enough to teach me his style and use of the brewing equipment he built. I’m lucky to have such a great brewer to learn and exchange thoughts about beer with. I have brewed over a dozen styles of beer for the restaurant over the past several month and the response has been great. Sorry to Louise for buying the restaurant, the Sailfish was a great place and we will continue to offer the finest food and beer. I pride myself in the scratch made foods focusing on local, organic, sustainable and seasonal products. Cheer’s…….Chef Adam

  7. It’s a great time to be thirsty in the Great Northwest. Note to brewers: Don’t name any of your products ‘Ruby’.

  8. Re: Hilliard’s:
    I had their imperial saison last night at BPP.
    I thought it was tasty, but I was just there for a quick beer. More research is clearly called for…

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