Washington welcomes more new breweries and more applications

We try to keep up, really we do, but the brewing scene around here is a very dynamic thing. Breweries apply for licenses and then are never heard from again. Other breweries are awarded their microbrewery licenses and then never actually materialize.

By our reckoning—our best attempt to understand the reality of the situation—there are currently 137 licensed breweries in Washington, plus one that is licensed but apparently doesn’t even know it.

We base our list of Washington Breweries on the Liquor Control Board’s list of Washington Domestic and Micro Breweries.

There is one licensed brewery which we leave off of our list because they don’t brew beer, never have brewed beer, and apparently do not intend to brew beer. When I called and asked about it, they had no idea what I was talking about. They seemed quite surprised to learn they had a microbrewery license.  Weird.

Conversely, Gilligan’s Brewing in Seattle, which is currently not brewing beer, is on the list because they are licensed and we know that they actually want to brew beer and actually intend to brew beer.

It gets confusing, but we try to keep things current.

Added to our list of Washington Breweries:

Barhop Brewing in Port Angeles. Actually, added as Harbinger/Barhop Brewing. This is the place in Port Angeles which is a winery and, as of a few months ago, is a brewery now as well. They have two microbrewery licenses at one location. I imagine things will get straightened out before too long. I’m guessing Harbinger is the wine and Barhop will be the brewery.

Gilligan’s Brewing in Seattle. His old license expired and now he’s been awarded a new license. Not sure about any new plans to get brewing again. I’ve asked and will keep you posted.

Parker’s Steakhouse in Longview. They have been awarded a license, are building out the brewery and have plans to brew. No word on a launch date, but I’ll keep you posted.

Grit City Brewing in Centralia. At one point they were licensed in Tacoma. Then there were rumors about Olympia. Now they are licensed in Centralia. We have no further information.

Removed from the list:

Speedway Brewing in Lacey. We have heard that they plan to open a new location around Olympia somewhere, but do not have any details or any status report for you.

New on the list of applicants this month:

Ashtown Brewing Company, Kelso.
Underground Lighthouse Brewing, Seattle.
Anne Uther Brewing Company, Auburn
Old Mill House Brewing, Tacoma

See all of our previous stories about new breweries popping up in Washington.

If you know anything about any of these breweries (new, old, or planned), please let us know or leave a comment.


Kona is licensed as a Washington brewery. Their beer is brewed at Redhook.

Because of their collaborative relationship with Elysian, New Belgium is licensed as a Washington brewery.

Pyramid is still licensed as a Washington brewery, although the brewhouse in Seattle seems to be in mothballs.

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  1. Nice work, sure gets confusing, especially for those of us who are making a real attempt at visiting every brewery in WA. I’d never heard of Gilligan’s until just last night when I was chatting with one of the d00ds from Odin, glad to hear they are hoping to reappear.

    How many different beers are brewed at Redhook? I heard that Widmer Bros was there as well.

    Keep up the good work ya’ll, see ya at WinterFest!


  2. Good question. I’m quite certain they do brew the Widmere brands. I’m only guessing, but I bet it has something to do with the business structure of the Craft Brewers Alliance, or something really confusing like that. The merger of CBA and Kona is now complete, so maybe Kona will not need to be licensed here either? This is the kind of stuff about the beer biz that makes my head hurt.

  3. Looks like Wingman Brewers in Tacoma somehow slipped through the cracks between application and still-pending approval (they were on the application list back in October). Hopefully they’ll hit the “approved” list soon.

  4. Just wanted to give you the heads-up that Oakshire Brewery just sent out their first order of 22’s going North of the Oregon Border. Keep your eyes peeled…and enjoy! Looking forward to getting up North soon to enjoy some of the fruits of the Washington brewers labor. Cheers! Jarlybart (Jarl Berg 😉 )

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