Washington Winter Beer Fest, the results are in

In case you missed it, last weekend’s Washington Winter Beer Fest was a smashing success. Once again our local brewers amazed festivalgoers with creative, unique and delicious beers. Today we want to share the results of the People’s Choice awards.

Friday, December 2nd People’s Choice Winners

1) Fremont Brewing
Bourbon Abominable Winter Ale “BBomb”

2) Black Raven Brewing
Gunpowder Plot Bourbon Nitro PorterĀ 

3) Elysian Brewing
Bye-Bye Frost Strong Pale Ale

Saturday, December 3rd People’s Choice Winners

1) Black Raven Brewing
Festivus Seeker Double IPA

2) Two Beers Brewing
Infused 20:20 Blonde

3) Naked City Brewery
Big Lebrewski Winter Ale

Best Booth Decorations of the Festival
Black Raven Brewing

The Washington Beer Blog honorable mentions

Best Costume of the Festival
Bill Jenkins of Elliott Bay Brewing

Greatest Selection of the Festival
Two Beers Brewing – five different beers pouring on Friday night

Bill Jenkins putting his beard to good use.

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  1. My favorite also was Black Raven’s “Festivus Seeker”. Very tasty and interesting IPA. Many other good beers there also though. What a good showing of holiday ales.

    My bah humbug award goes to 7 Seas Brewing. I can’t believe they had the gall to ask 2 tokens for their Wheelchair Barleywine. I’ll be skipping them in the future.

  2. Lol. Wheelchair is not even that great but good, however 7 Seas egos are rather large so… Big Lebrewski is a White RIS released sporadically throughout the year. How can it be classified as a “Winter Ale”?

  3. If all the other breweries could bring beer that only required one token, it seems like 7 Seas should have done the same – or stayed home. At any rate, this was my first time at this brewfest, and probably my last. Too dark and way too packed, even at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. I’ll stick to the numerous outdoor festivals, and the indoor ones that have adequate room, and light. And, more than a small handful of tables. What a nightmare!

  4. Agreed on the two token tastes – leave it at home if you honestly believe that you can’t sample it out for a single token.

    Also agreed on the space – when it gets full in the Palladium, it’s all but impossible to move around without you or someone else sloshing some beer. It does take away from the fun. I don’t know what the books look like, but based on the fact that they have no problem selling tickets it does seem like a larger space is warranted.

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