Water Street Brewery and Pub – For Sale?

According to a posting on CraigsList, it would seem that the Waterstreet Brewery and Pub is for sale. Reading the posting (below) makes it pretty clear that we’re talking about Water Street.

Award winning Brewpub in historic Building on the water. Business revenue increases by at least 15% per year and grosses over 1 million dollars a for the past three years. Pub and brewery could possibly be sold separately. All serious offers will be considered.

This is really fresh news and we aren’t sure what it all means, other than the obvious. If you are interested in buying a  brewery/pub, head over to Port Townsend this weekend for the Strange Brewfest (see our post about Strange Brew) and check the place out.  See the original posting on CraigsList.

  1. The Water Street Brewery is no longer on Craigs List. Is there a contact number or email address to inquire about this?

  2. I would call the Water Street directly, sometime during the afternoon when they are less likely to be busy. Ask for Nina. She’ll know what’s going on and who you should talk to – she’s one of the owners.