Watershed Pub and Kitchen celebrates five years this weekend


Congratulations to Watershed Pub and Kitchen in Seattle. This weekend they celebrate their 5th anniversary.

They seem a bit hesitant to pat themselves on the back, so I’ll do it for them. Watershed Pub and Kitchen opened in a growing Seattle neighborhood (Northgate, near the mall) in need of a community hub. That’s what Watershed is. Not only do they serve great beer and great food, but they serve the community. No shortage of special events to support worthy causes. Quickly embraced and beloved by their neighbors, they deserve all the accolades anyone bestows upon them.

Facebook event page.

“While the nature of these celebrations is always a little self-congratulatory we really wanna make sure you know how much we appreciate the support of our city. So we’re gonna have a FREE show with some of Seattle’s absolute BEST musicians Andy Coe, Joe Doria and Scott Goodwin Saturday at 8pm! We also teamed up with Cloudburst Brewing to bring you WHAT A SHED-SHOW IPA and Chainline Brewing Company to make (LIFE OF THE) PARTY PILSNER just for you!”

“These beers, along with some special treats we’ve been saving, will be on tap when we open at 11am on Friday morning (March 29) and there’ll also be zany specials, funfetti cake, lots of hugs, laughs, dancing, cavorting, and a pub-wide toast Saturday night (March 30) at 7:30pm before the music starts (8:00am). Come and celebrate with us!”

Happy birthday, Watershed. Cheers to many more!