This Week: Snipes Mountain Brings its Creative & Sour Brews to Seattle

Snipes Mountain Brewing of Sunnyside, Washington comes to Seattle for two very special events this week: one at the Beveridge Place Pub and the other at the Pine Box. Chad Roberts, the head brewer, is bringing some very special, very rare treats with him. Some of these creative offerings are barrel-aged beers, including one that has been in the barrel for more than three years.

The brewery enjoys a reputation for producing some gloriously hoppy beers. That is not surprising given Snipes Mountain’s location, which is smack-dab in the middle one of the most prolific hop growing regions on earth (the Yakima Valley). More surprising, Snipes Mountain also enjoys a reputation for producing deliciously creative sour beers.

It was 18 months ago that Chris Miller said goodbye to Snipes Mountain Brewing, leaving the brewery in Chad’s capable hands. He did not miss a beat when he took the reins, stepping up and seamlessly filling Miller’s sizable shoes. More than stepping up, Chad stepped out and now puts his own stamp on the beers coming from Snipes Mountain, building his own reputation for quality and creativity.

Chad Roberts pouring at Cask Fest.


Sadly, those of us living on the wetter side of the mountains rarely get to sample Chad’s brews. That changes this week with two Snipes Mountain Brewing events happening in Seattle.

Thursday, August 23, Chad Roberts brings some of his creations to the Beveridge Place Pub for a Snipes Mountain brewers night event. The fun gets started at 7:00. For your drinking pleasure:

  • Quinceañera: Concepción. Blend of Bourbon and Bordeaux barrel sours, aged for over 3 years. 7.8% ABV.
  • Quinceañera: Prieta. Sour Darkstrong aged on Hungarian oak staves, then in a Tagaris Port barrel for 18 months. 10% ABV.
  • Puckered Monk Belgian Golden Sour. Belgian golden strong soured. Only keg in existence. 10% ABV.
  • Vaquero DIPA cask with Satus hops, Romeo y Julieta Habana Reserva Spanish Cedar and a hint of Mick’s Ghost Pepper Jelly. 8.5% ABV.
  • Red Sky ESB dry hopped in the keg with Satus and Mosaic hops. 6.7% ABV.

Friday, August 24, the Pine Box welcomes Snipes Mountain Brewing to Capitol Hill. Seeing as it is a Friday, a day when happy hour always sounds so good, the fun gets started at 4:00. Expect to see and sample the following:

  • Sage Trail Ale – Satus, Sorachi, Citra “IPA” spontaneously fermented in a 15-gallon vessel using a sprig of sage from my back yard. Non-sour however, just clean and unique with a hint of sage.  The only sixth-barrel (five gallon) keg for the West Side. Only one other sixth-barrel keg exists.
  • Ye Olde Roza 2010 – One of the last remaining kegs of delicious 13% barleywine from the Chris Miller Reserve.
  • Vaquero DIPA – The second batch came out remarkably like the first, with only a few slight tweaks
  • Dos Borrachos – A crisp, bright lager brewed with Augustiner yeast, and a hint of rice in the style of a “Michoacán Helles.”
  • Quinceañera: Prieta – Sour Darkstrong aged on Hungarian oak staves,  then in a Tagaris Port barrel for 18 months.