West Seattle Getting Another Great Beer Bar

Silas Reynolds knows beer and he knows food. He also knows that West Seattle needs another great pub. Silas is about to give them one.

Silas has formal training and professional experience in the culinary arts but has also worked as a self-described “keg monkey” for Arlen Harris at the LaConner Brewing Company. He was also instrumental in opening the Rockfish Grill and Anacortes Brewery. Today, he is the proprietor of the Porterhouse Pub — Mt. Vernon’s exceptional beer destination.

We just spent a few minutes with Silas at his new digs in West Seattle’s Admiral Neighborhood, where he will soon open a second Porterhouse Pub. The location could not be easier to find. It is literally next door to the historic Admiral Theater, near the corner of Admiral Way and California Avenue. If you know the neighborhood, we’re talking about the space that was formerly Black Bird.  It is a great space in a great neighborhood. Heck, the bar even has patio seating!

In Mt. Vernon, the Porterhouse is a “grown-ups only” establishment (21+). Anyone who knows West Seattle understand that it would be foolish to not allows parents to bring their kids. It’s a demographic reality. Silas is a West Seattle native and a new father, so he will make the West Seattle Porterhouse an all-ages pub.

There will be 25 tap handles pouring a rotating selection of west coast beers, with an emphasis on local beers. Cheers to that! They will likely have a featured brewery each month. That brewery will host a brewers night to kick things off and then will have four tap handles for the month.

Silas described the food as being, “Pub food with an ecclectic twist.” He also explained that he has an abnormally large number of farmers and gardeners in the family, so you can look forward to fresh, locally grown veggies.

He told us that he hopes to open in July. While we admire his vision and the purity of his intentions, we’ll be amazed if that happens. Very, very happy, but amazed. We will keep you posted as thing progress.

It just so happens that West Seattle’s Admiral neighborhood is the place that I call home. With all respect to Circa, my neighborhood so desperately needs a great beer bar. Mrs. Beer Blog and I could not be happier that Silas is bringing his show to town.

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  1. Everyone – you will not be disappointed with what Silas will bring to West Seattle. The Porterhouse in Mt. Vernon has been my very favorite bar for 5 short years (since I turned 21), and he REALLY knows his stuff when it comes to a pub atmosphere. He constantly rotates taps with the best available brews, but I can’t list them all since there are too many fantastic brews to name. I have not had a meal that I disliked – the monstrous bowl of clam chowder, the tangy curry chicken sandwich, or the ‘can I get another please?’ chipotle cheese dip. They even have their own brewfest (how can you go wrong there?) I am very happy for his success and I hope that his new joint is equally remarkable to both Rock Fish and the first Porterhouse.

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